Another great dollhouse episode. This episode brought us one step closer to Epitath One. Still some loose ends as to whether or not the future can be changed but I’m hoping the final episode will clear it all up. Turns out Boyd considered the dollhouse his family but for some reason thinks hurting them is the way to love them (yeah it was that weird). Boyd needed Caroline because her spinal fluid is needed to create an immunity to being imprinted. He knew this because one time she tested for bone marrow compatability at a Rossum office and he has been tracking her ever since…..creepy enough to make me want to get off the grid 🙂 Still no explination as to why he needed her to be a doll to get her spinal fluid (maybe to see if she could resist imprinting which she really didn’t but anyway). So Echo/Caroline is rescued by Pria and Victor she takes out Whiskey (who is now imprinted with the other Rossum head guy) but doesn’t kill her. November is triggered and before she kills Paul she decides to destroy herself so another doll down. Echo and Boyd fight he is about to kill her when Topher show up with the gun that will instantly make dolls. Echo orders doll Boyd to take a grenade and blow up the building. Of course he does so the head office is destroyed, but does it change anything?

Final episode is airing on Jan 29th at 8. Its almost over and I’m hoping epitath two meshes with epitath one.

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