Cute Bones last night about a body found in the dessert that looked like an alien.  Turns out she was another murder victim but had apparently been exposed to deadly chemicals being illegally dumped in the dessert.  A lot of story line with just Booth and Bones together but no romantic spark to report.  The best part of the whole show was Ben Giroux as the local sheriff.  He was hilarious and new the laws and his rights when dealing with the FBI inside and out.  The mystery, as usual, was kind of second string to the relationship stories.  The biggest being that Angela and Wendall come clean about their relationship to Hodgins.  He tries to play like he is

Ben Grioux as the Sheriff on Bones Watch the X in the File

fine with it, but ends up going to Sweets to get reassurance that he is right in being upset about their relationship.  I don’t think this Wendall thing can last much longer because he is just too much of a good boy to be with Angela, plus she seemed to be trying to recreate her relationship with Hodgins with him (i.e. trying to get him to go to the Egypt room with her).  I personally prefer Hodgins and Angela, but we will see how the show chooses to play this out.  Next weeks episode has me a little nervous because it looks like they are going to be re-creating Kennedy’s assassination.  I think this will be our absurd episode for the year and then maybe we can get back on track.


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