This episode was a little slow for me and I probably would have went to bed early if I wasn’t watching an awesome episode of Criminal Minds during the 9 o’clock hour.

In this episode we start out with Claire talking to Phil about finding “smut” on her computer.  She thinks that Luke was looking at it when it was actually Phil.

Gloria hates the dog butler that phil bought and at night she “thinks he is the devil- el diablo.”  Jay  has named him Barkley, a dog butler, and doesn’t know anyone who couldn’t love him (Gloria!).

Cameron wants to help the gardner and we get to hear some pretty horrible spanish and translation from him.  I think the only word he really knew was casa. 

There was some stuff in between but this was the main story lines.  I didn’t even get any great quotes to mention.  If you saw something in this episode that I didn’t let us know.


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