So the picture to the left is not from last nights epsiode, but this show would be way better if it was.  Last night was more of the same no progress, no change, and everyone keeps making the same dumb mistakes.

Matt Parkman: He has been in hiding since being mind raped by Sylar.  Apparently he is playing stay at home dad and master chef.  Noah comes to get him so that he can control the mind of Samuels pretend girlfriend.  Parkman agrees and leaves the house to help.  Unfortunately, because everything Noah touches turns to crap, the plan fails.  But Parkman decides he must help save the world.

Noah Bennett (HRG): Noah refuses to ask Claire for her compass so he tries to ues Samuels obession girlfriend to trap him.  Of course his plan fails and Samuel gets away with the girl.  He goes to Claire and tries to patch things up but she is busy and sends him away so he goes to make out with his new girlfriend.

Peter: Oh Peter, you were so close to being the only Hero that has learned fromt he past.  But then of course, the siren drags him him, he sees that her chello has a compass on it (just like the one that appeared on his arm, don’t ask).  She says Samuel gave it to her he tries to tell her Samuel is bad but she won’t listen.  Mama Petrelli sees the girl and flips out cause she has seen a vision where she kills lots of people.  Peter steals Mama’s powers so he can see the vision.  He sees it, shows up at Siren’s apartment, then busts her chello to stop the vision (because we all know that is how it works {insert eye roll here}).  She gets mad and kicks him out.

Hiro, Ando, Mohinder: Apparently they are the dynamic trio now.  Hiro starts the show still crazy, but ready to rescue Mohinder from the looney bin he put him in.  Hiro gets in and frees Mohinder.  They are on the run through the swamp with hounds and everything chasing them.  Hiro can’t teleport cause he is still crazy so Mohinder convinces Ando to shock him and fix him.  He does Hiro is fixed and they teleport to Noah’s house.  Cause we all know if anyone can fix this its Noah {another eye roll}.

Samuel: I don’t really know what Samuel is doing other than holding a woman hostage who he thinks is the love of his life.  She just wants to go home but apparently Samuel doesn’t play that way, you either love him or die.

So everyone is just doing what they always do, maybe at some point we will actually see them try to take down Samuel.  And where the hell is Sylar???

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