Another great episode of Chuck and here is hoping the ratings from the premiere carry over into its regular Monday night slot.  This could spell good things for another season of Chuck especially since NBC is in such limbo with its programming at this point.

So last night we got a very Captain Awesome/Casey-centric epsiode and it was good.  Last season Captain Awesome (or Devon as he is known in the show) found out Chuck was a spy and he has been itching to get involved with a mission ever since then.  Luckily for all involved Chucks new mission to protect the dictator of Costa Gravas Alejandro Goya just happens to end up under Dr. Awesomes care at the local hospital.  Apparently he was poisoned with a major dose of pottasium.  The only problem is that Colonel Casey has attempted to kill Alejandro 3 times so far.  That means Casey has to lay low and let Chuck and Sarah handle the protecting of the dictator. 

Since Awesome saved the dictators life the dictator invites he and Ellie to his gala.  This of course ropes Chuck and Sarah into a free invite.  While there they know there is an assassin around.  Casey thinks he has picked him out but when Chuck takes the guy down its the wrong guy and Chuck and Sarah get tossed.  Casey is forced to come in (that man cannot go wrong with a fake mustache!) and take over protection.  He is about to take down the assassin when Awesome sees him and takes Casey down.  Of course Casey is locked away for torture and know Awesome has blown the mission.

The assassin manages to poison the dictator again.  The dictator sends for Awesome again to be his doctor.  He brings Chuck and Sarah along as his assistants.  For you Sarah fans she was wearing one of the sluttiest nurses uniforms I have seen in a while and carrying a big gun.  (But for those of us who are not Sarah fans we got to see Devon shirtless 🙂 )  So Sarah takes out the guards they save Casey, but not before he gets shot.  They are captured again.  Awesome is busy saving the dictator so Chuck has to save Casey.  He uses the intersect to get his doctor skills and completes the surgery. 

At the end we see Devon finishing his rounds at the hospital ready to go home to his wife.  He has one stop to make and when he enters the room he is in with the assassin.  We assume he has been poisoned because Sarah shows up at Chucks door to tell him something and then Ellie comes out looking for her husband.  Good twist as this should make this much more personal for Chuck and way more fun for us.

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