Follow The Leader

The national team headquarters is going to be at the Rock and guess who the coach is going to be… Marty Walsh!  Sasha pops the big question to Payson and asks her to be his assistant coach.  She declines.  Ohhh, burn!

At the press conference announcing the National Team coach, Kelly Parker comes to the Rock to raise hell and Emily is informed that she needs a “B” in math and is looking for a tutor.  Kaylie calls a meeting at the Pizza shack and no one knows why.

  Before they come Emily tells Razor she is a gymnast and he is a complete jerk about it.  Kaylie wants to get Sasha to be the coach and to get rid of Marty.  Kaylie comes up with the plan to make Marty look bad at a practice that the National Committee will be viewing.  Kaylie blames her mother for Marty being an issue for the national coach position.  Her father then comes into the room from nowhere and says that he is going to dig up everything he can on Marty.  Kaylie does her mother a favor and tells her father to stop trying to control her career.

 Before Emily’s mother walks in Razor asks Emily if she wants to get high and then plays it off that he was kidding. I don’t think so.  He is acting pretty out of it to me.  While Emily is getting her stuff, Razor sweet talks his way into being Emily’s math tutor.

The next day at practice Emily has some issues with throwing the practice.  Lauren and Kaylie on the other hand spread rumors on Marty’s coaching style.

  • He gets pretty touchy so don’t ever let him touch you
  • Don’t look him in the eyes when he is talking to you
  • He has bad breath

Sasha catches Kaylie after practice and tells her to stop failing as a leader on the National Team and to welcome Marty.  Meanwhile, Marty tries to offer Payson a coaching position but before he could finish she said she was not interested.  Lauren spreads more lies to Carter about her and Kaylie being friends and how Kaylie is over him.  As she walked away he received a phone call and answered, “Kaylie?”

Carter goes to meet Kaylie who needs to vent.  She then wants to know “why” he had sex with Lauren.  His lame excuses was that he felt he wanted to be with Kaylie more than she wanted to be with him so it was a way to hurt her.  Then for whatever reason she climbs on top of him and makes out.  Carter then stops her from being out of control.  She then gets mad because he can have sex with Lauren but not her.  Carter gives her a lame speech about being soul mates and not giving up on her.  Do you think she will take him back?  I hope not.

Payson joined me and Sunshine by surfing the net all day.  Kim tries to get her to accept being a coach and sharing her knowledge but Payson just cannot accept it right now.  At practice Marty cuts all of the Rocks members for the London trip due to their poor performance in practice.  Kaylie decides she knows what to do.  She is going to tell her father about her mother’s affair with Marty.

At the gym, Kelly Parker tells Payson that Sasha will never be picked because of her.  His prize gymnast injuring her back.  She then goes to Sasha and doesn’t understand why he was not picked because it was her fault.  He then tells Payson about another girl in Romania who fell and hit her head.  He gave the girls parents a choice to take her to the hospital or take her home.  The family took her home and she died an hour later.  Sasha tells her to coach the other girls and lead them on the right track.  She argues that coaching is not her job and Sasha rebutted with, “maybe it’s your calling.”  This was a great scene.

Kaylie goes to her father and finds that she can’t tell him due to his change of heart and need to keep his family especially Kaylie.  Poor Leo, what is he a red-headed stepchild and where is he?  I thought he was back in town!  Emily learns her lesson about disrespecting her mother.  Summer shows Emily all of the cards that Kim sent to Marty to see her daughter do gymnastics at the Y.  Oh yeah, another missing character, where is Brian?

Payson gives the girls a pep-talk and tells the team it is her fault that Sasha didn’t become the coach.  ” You don’t always get what you want or what you think you deserve… do you guys know what I would do to be on this team…” Go coach Payson!  Payson is going to the Olympics just not like she planned, together with her teammates.  This made me feel all warm inside to watch.  Then Payson gets all crazy- serious when she is talking to her mom that she will be in the picture next year as the national champion.  Emily shares her math score with Razor that she got an “A” and then they have an awkward hug.  Of course the phone rings and it is Damon.  I can’t wait till next week.


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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog and let me know what you think.

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