Micky played by,Ethan Embry, is a drug dealer who got hurt in a deal gone wrong.  He is taken to a hospital and House tells him that he needs a CT and then shows him that he has loud noise induced vertigo by popping a bag and making him faint.

Wilson has an encounter with a neighbor who thinks his lover is House.  Throughout the episode House and Wilson battle over their neighbor in 3-B by acting as a couple.  It gets pretty interesting.  Back at the hospital House has Nick Chinlund, who plays Eddie, in a room to figure out what drugs his partner was handling.  He states that he does not deal with drugs and that they are in textiles.  They then begin to speak some secret code for drugs as textiles.  This is interesting.  This is interrupted by Wilson who informs him that the whole building thinks they are gay.  House replies, ” We are in are thirties who live with each other and that they are a trip to Vegas and two tigers away.”  The rest of the team is giving Micky an ear test when he proceeds to almost stroke out during the test.

 House goes to the next level when he bugs the patients room to get a clue to the kind of drugs he is stashing.  Micky says he wants to get discharged and Thirteen and Chase follow him to see where he goes.  Due to Thirteen’s excellent driving skills they get pulled over by the police.  Later that day, Eddie brings Micky to the ER because he is acting stranger than ever.  With the help of Chase, House figures out that Micky has been taking Beta Blockers.  Micky he was having trouble with his lifestyle. 

Foreman decides he is leaving after this case because he does not want to fight in order to be under paid. 

Back to the patient, the team is trying to figure out why their bug is working in Micky’s room.  Thirteen says it needs to find an open frequency.  House finally figures out that he has a bug and that the patient is a cop!  What a cool twist. The team wants “Micky”  to help them get him better.  He has been undercover for 16 months and tells them that the cops are going to make the bust this week.  Also, that Eddie has killed a snitch before. 

Eddie soon starts to feel symptoms and decides to take Thirteen to a location.  Micky was living in a dry cleaners and Thirteen plays it like a hooker so that she doesn’t get caught by one of the henchmen!

The team goes to Cuddy to confess that they were messing with Foreman that they made more than him.  They agree to take pay cuts in order to give Foreman a raise.  The joke is on them because Foreman did not go to Cuddy to quit and she had no idea what they were talking about.

They finally tell “Micky” that he is dying and there is nothing they can do.  Even if they had told the team anything when they asked he would die.  The final scenes are “Micky” with his wife and the drug deal being busted by the police.  This was a pretty powerful episode and I hated to see the good guy die.

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