I love Dollhouse and this episode just reaffirmed my love for this dying show.  I literally gasped out loud when Whiskey shot Bennett!  But, I’m jumping ahead,  lets start at the beginning.

So the plan is in motion to try and bring down Rossum but of course the group needs Caroline to do it because she knows who the second head of Rossum is.  Of course we all forgot that Alpha destroyed the Caroline personality a while ago.  Luckily Topher saved the busted wedge and they kidnap Bennett to help him fix it.  Of course while they are kidnapping Bennett, Paul uses that opportunity to rescue November. 

So, Bennett is in town helping Topher, but she is hesitant because she really hates Caroline.  We got a clearer flashback of what happened between Bennett and Caroline.  Turns out Caroline was using her from the beginning to access Rossum.  But when Bennett finds out she is not upset, she just wants to help.  We also learn that Rossum has been keeping files on Caroline and Bennett for a while.  No real explination for that other than they were smart and/or trouble makers.  So they break in set to blow up Rossum, but Caroline finds the Dollhouse and can’t do it.  She tries to get Bennett to run but Bennett refuses.  The bombs blow, Bennett is trapped, and Adelle is on her way in to bust Caroline.  Caroline leaves Bennett but because she doesn’t want Bennett going down with her, not because she is the heartless bitch we thought she was! 

So back in the present, Bennett is fixing the wedge, her and Topher share a tender moment and a kiss.  Topher leaves the room, Whiskey comes in and tells Bennett she didn’t think it was possible for Topher to care about another human being then shoots Bennett in the head!  It was shocking and I know some people claim they saw it coming, but I didn’t.  Poor Topher is heartbroken, corporate is coming down on the Dollhouse, but he fixes the wedge and imprints Echo. 

So back to Caroline’s memories.  She is busted and sent to meet the head of Rossum.  She walks in the room and its some random dude we have never met before.  I kind of liked this and hoped he was the second head of Rossum, but turns out there is someone else in the room.  She turns around and its Boyd.  Kind of shocked and kind of confused.  Apparently he is the second head of Dollhouse and chose Caroline specifically to be a special doll and help him. 

So there is your big reveal, did you feel it was good, bad, or a cop out? I guess we will know next week if this was the plan all along and how does this play to Epitath One??  Has the future changed or is it all inevitable and everything that happens know makes no difference?

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