Chuck returned last night with a two hour premiere and I could not be happier.  We jump in with Chuck rocking Intersect 2.0 and looking like a real spy.  He is on a mission to get a case back with the General giving orders in his ear.  He uses his Kung-Fu, gets the case, and runs.  He gets outside with no support and needs to use the intersect again, but its not working!  He is trapped and we see the General come out to end the simulation.  Turns out Intersect 2.0 is not so awesome if you can’t control your emotions.  So Chuck is fired and we go through a great scene of him moping, eating cheesy puffs, and growing a beard.

Turns out in his time as super spy he has managed to lose his job at Buy More, lose his job as a spy, and lose his girlfriend.  In our first episode we see Chuck try and get his job back as a spy.  It was a little trying to get through the Chuck and Sara scenes because it seemed like everytime they were together Chuck would need the intersect to work, it wouldn’t, and Sara would calm him down so it would work.  But it was a good epsiode for the other characters as we saw Morgan come back (without Anna Wu, who was cut for budgetary reasons), JeffSter was in top form, and good turns from Captain Awesome and Colnel John Casey.  Not alot to report from the first hour other than we learned that the intersect has not changed Chuck much other than when it works he is super awesome.  And we saw Emmett Milbarge get shot in the head!  That was some good stuff because we rarely see an episode of Chuck do some blatant killing.  It is usually good guys shooting bad guys and we assume they die, but never an innocent bystander.

In the second hour we got a little more action (less physical, more storyline).  Chuck confesses his feelings to Sara but she can’t hear him as she is busy trying to rescue him.  Agent Karina is back and is working with Chuck too and lets him know that Sara still loves him.  Still lots of Chuck not working and Sara comforting him and long series of Chuck wanting to talk about feelings during the mission (which was annoying).  The General gives Sara a new mission on Chuck, before it was protecting Chuck from the world now Sara will need to protect the world from Chuck as he is a very dangerous weapon now.  Also at the end we see the General talking to a hidden Agent Shaw in her office wanting to know when she can tell them what they are getting ready to do. 

Good stuff, glad to have Chuck back.  New episode tonight and then new episodes every Monday night.  Also, Heroes is moving to 9 as Chuck will be taking over the 8 pm slot.


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