First, I would like to note that I am very disappointed that Modern Family did not win the People’s Choice award.  On the upside, Sunshine’s show (because I just read her blog posts) Glee did win.

Okay, on to last nights show.  We start with the kids talking about their parents.  My favorite line was from Luke.  “I don’t know why my parents tell me not to talk black.  What does that mean?  Not to end words with izzle?”  Then his sisters say “they say don’t talk back not black!”  We then see Phil in excruciating pain due to kidney stones.  He refuses to let Claire call 911 because he knows she just wants to see the “Hot Firemen!”  They were pretty hot.  She ends up calling them anyway and has to get dressed up for the firemen.

We then go over to Jay’s house we get to finally meet Manny’s father, Javier, played by Benjamin Bratt.  Jay does not like him due to how he is always letting down Manny.  We see that Javier can do no wrong in Manny’s eyes and Jay was confused about how Gloria could fall for someone like that.  In the end Javier romances Jay into liking him and then lets Jay down.  At least he has Manny and Gloria to comfort him.

I didn’t get too much from Cameron and Mitchell’s household.  This week they wanted to ferberise (cry to sleep) Lily.  Cameron had major issues with this and would run to comfort Lily.  Some comedic sequences with Mitchell stopping him made me laugh.  Especially, when Mitchell hurts his knee trying to stop Cameron.  In the end Mitchell confessed to not wanting to be the preachy, rule dad and Cameron always being the cuddly dad that gets to walk Lily down the aisle.  Cameron sweetly says they both will walk her down the aisle (if Mitchell can walk!).

Back to Phil, he says some great things while he is in pain from his kidney stones.

  • “Its gotta be death”
  • “All systems down”
  • “Kids gather around like you are hugging me without touching me.”
  • Phil- “When was I ever scared?” Luke- ” In the attic when the wind blew while we were playing with the oujia board.” Phil- ” That wasn’t the wind we brought something forth.”

Before his surgery he asks Claire if she got dressed up for the firemen and she said no.  Before he “fell asleep” he said, “wouldn’t that be horrible if the last thing you ever said to me was a lie” .  She then said “ok, maybe.”  Then Phil, who she thought was asleep said, “I knew it!” 

I love everyone on this show and I like how they highlight the different households some more than others each week without over doing it.


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