Check out this website to see the rest of the pictures!  I am not a fan of the Medusa picture so I hope it looks better in the film.


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  1. miranda says:

    i wanna go see that!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    ok. if this is Annabeth… she is ALL WRONG!
    She is supposed to have BLONDE hair and it should be kinda curly! and Percy should look TWELVE, not 17! i hate it when characters are not the way they are supposed to look like!

    • Coty says:

      I’m with her on this one, the characters are all either older or just wrong. I’m afraid to see what they do in the other books, when the characters actually get older. By the time “The Last Olympian” comes out Percy is going to look like he is in college. Have you seen the gods, Athena looks as bad as Anabeth.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I know! Just brace yourself for the movie to be nothing like the book series

      • Calista says:

        I saw the movie and was like super dissapointed with the characters! If I could rate on the detail of the characters… I give it a 1!!!

      • Elizabeth says:

        That is pretty harsh. I thought it was a good movie using the names and backgrounds of characters from the book. Lol

      • jessica says:

        I loved the movie and the books, who cares if the characters are different. Percy was hot in the movie so it doesn’t matter! Although they did leave some parts out of the movie but that’s okay. I thought it was good acting and directing.

    • Kevin says:

      In the movie he is in High School.

    • Megan says:

      I totally agree! They should make the character look like the way they are described in the books

    • Shannon says:

      Yea and Percy should be on Annabeth’s team not lukes. Clarisse should be in the movie but no the director always know’s best right.

  3. David says:

    This movie is going to be one of the best movies ever. I loved the books. They are really great so you know the movies are going to be really great.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Who plans to see a midnight showing?

  5. Violet Sullivan says:

    wtf, i just read the first book it was so good. but Percy jackson is 12 years old. he is in the sixth grade. I nthe movie he looks like he is 18. And annabeth is like 13 or 14 so why does she look like she is 24. And come on that looks nothing like grover. He is soppose to be goat like. So why the hell would they change the charcters like that. Its like its a hole diffrent book. They could of kept their ages. wahts wrong with a 12 year old actor. That ruined the hole movie for me. I am so not going to see it. This directer sucks!!! THANKS ALOT

    • Elizabeth says:

      As a fan of the books I understand what you are saying. However, the fact that they are taking my characters and changing everything is not going to stop me from seeing the movie! I am still excited for the film and I am just bracing myself for it to be different. Twilight was not how I wanted it to be yet I was addicted to the lame factor of the first film. Then New Moon came out and it still wasn’t right but the quality was way better. So we will see what happens with Percy.

  6. taylor says:

    even though percy looks 5 years older then he should he is SO HOT!!!!!i just saw the movie about an half hour ago it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!his hair was so suave.

  7. taylor says:

    even though he looked five years older than he should be he was SOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just saw the friken awesome movie about a half an hour ago.HIS HAIR WAS SO SUAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. anj says:

    can’t help but to leave a comment..:)

    well yah. the movie was sort of disappointing..

    they distorted the characters and the story!!

    well anyway, logan lerman is just sooooo hoootttt that i couldnt care any less. i kinda hate anabeth by the way.. she is such a flirt in the movie which is really unlike her the way she was in the book!

  9. hendra says:


  10. Juliana says:

    Percy is friggen hot!!! He’s like……wow. The movie is the best movie in the WORLD and the books are better than ham!! (which is saying something) WOO!! rock on Perseus Jackson!

  11. Percy says:

    Perseus Jackson is the coolest dude!

  12. Percy says:

    I agree with violit sullivan.the need a 12 year old actor for Percy so why the hell does he look like he is 17 or 18?!

  13. Melisa says:

    The movie and the book are diffrent but it the book is complex and i think that if some of the parts would look fake. They kept it real. and i don’t care what anyone says i think logan leerman and Alexandra Daddario make a pefectly alright Percy and Annabeth. Authough Annabeth does stray a little too far from the book. Percy however is really well cast and yes really hot!!! (I have been waiting soo long to say that!) 😀

  14. Vanille says:

    Ok, so the movie wasn’t perfect. But it was amazing. If you consider it, if you go with an open mind, its actually not straying too far from the book other than their ages. The apearance doesn’t matter as much to me. It’s the plot. All you guys out there who are only worried about their age, apearennce, etc., Well give it a chance. you’ll be surprised at how good it is. And You have to admit it…. Logan Lerman is SEXY!

  15. Christine says:

    I’m a big fan of the books and I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed with the movie. From the book standpoint, yes, it was dreadful; the characters were wrong and they didn’t even stay to the plot. From the movie standpoint, well, it was a fairly all right movie. I think people have to learn that no book-turned-movie is going to be the way the readers want it to be. But I don’t think it’s too much to ask for the right hair color on Annabeth or Grover? At least you can stare at Logan Lerman throughout the movie to make up for it…

  16. jazmin becker says:

    well, if you think about it when you compare a book to a movie you are bound to be disapointed, and specially when it comes to greek mythology it’s not going to be 100% accurate but,other than that i liked the movie, and yes i concur logan lerman is very HOT!

  17. Rockanne says:

    Percy Jackson has such georgeous blue eyes and his nose is soooo adorable! Don’t get me started with the hair in is sooo sexy! Loved the movie but never read the books. Oh well! The movie was good enough. 🙂

  18. tyler says:

    i think he is cute

  19. Shannon says:

    I think Annabeth would of been hot if she had blonde hair the least they could of done is dye her hair and put those curl makers or what you call them in her hair.

  20. Shannon says:

    I dont know why all you girls like Percy I would have thought you would like Luke lol

  21. Shannon says:

    you guys should check out its awesome

  22. Johanna says:

    i agree with every one: the movie was dissapointing to the book, but if there hadn’t been a book, it was pretty good. still, they were the best i ever read and it would have been nice if the characters were at least the same- or close to – age and the plot didn’t stray as far as it did.

  23. Johanna says:

    rick wrote another book called The Red Pyramid. it’s REALLY good too! instead of greek stuff it’s egyptian. still, nothing can beat percy jackson.

  24. presley says:

    hi i am presley and i am going to marry percy! hoo rah!

  25. presley says:

    i am also confused why tyler said percy is cute… but since i am going to marry him, i don’t really care!!!!!! whoo hoo!!

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