Ummmmm… Heroes last night was two hours long and thats about all I can say about it.  Boring and slow, no continuation between two back to back episodes.  Yes that is common Heroes practice but having a week between episodes seemed to help gloss over this some but tonight it was painfully obvious.  Basically we are were we have always been Nathan is dead (for reals), Sylar is back (but he can’t kill people cause he just wants to be loved), Samuel is still bad ass (but really just wants to be loved, Claire is still stupid (and apparently facebook friends with her gay boyfriend Wes), Peter is flying again (and still trying to be NYC’s personal super hero), Hiro has lost his mind (again), Mohinder is in the loony bin (finally), and Noah/HRG is out to take down Samuel (and making every mistake he possibly can in getting there). 

For some more detail, from someone who cares slightly more than me check the link below:


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