The original Bring It On was the only one worthy of the big screen.  I actually own this one on DVD.  If anyone says “Brrr it’s cold in here” and you come from this era you would instantly reply “there must be some clovers in the atmosphere” and we all know the rest.  This film was brilliant and it has Kristen Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Gabrielle Union and that chick from the girl group Blaque that sings “808.”   The original takes place in high school with a girl from ” the other side of town” comes to a school where there is no gymnastics so she tries cheerleading.  What do you know the “prep” squad has been stilling cheers from their rival school for years.  So everyone brings it!

All of the other films went straight to video.  Of course that means we can see them on tv although they are horribly edited.  The sequel Bring It On Again.  I don’t really remember anything past it was set in college with a whole new cast.  It should never have been made.  They should have went straight to the third installment Bring It On:  All or Nothing.  This film starred Hayden Panettiere and Solange Knowles- Smith.  This was the reverse of the original film with the head cheerleader from the rich school having to downgrade.  Her new school was in need of some refinement in order to win a competition for new school computers.  Oh and a little known person named Rihanna is also in the film.

The fourth film  Bring It On: In It to Win It was not bad.  I don’t really remember too much except for two squads coming together.  The cheers were cute though.  Some more of our favorite actors/ actresses before they got a name where in this film such as:  Ashley  Benson, Jennifer Tisdale, Cassie Scerbo (from Make It or Break It)and Michael Copon.

The most recent installment is Bring It On: Fight to the Finish which will premiere on ABC Family January 17th at 8pm.  So I will update this post because I am pretty sure some plain cheerleading squad needs some latin flavor or something like that.  This films big star is Christina Milian.  I wonder why she doesn’t sing anymore?  Starting at 2pm on the 17th ABC Family will be showing all of the Bring It On Films

What are your thoughts on the Bring It On Franchise?  Is it worth it or should they have stopped after the first film?

Update:  I watched Fight to the Finish.  The movie had a lot of story that was not fleshed out but it was still okay.  I wouldn’t put it in the crap category like I do the second film in the franchise.  Did anyone else watch?

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  1. shawnese says:

    i loved those movies because iam a cheerleader too.

    • chelsea says:

      all the movies are amazing!
      I been a cheerleader for about 14 years and some of the stuff i see on the movies are a little dramatic.
      for example: we have rivals but dont try to sabotage them.
      – we dont all believe the spirit stick has magical powers.
      – majority of cheer routines dont use props.
      – and we see some stuff we like and put it in routines but dont copy straight form other peoples junk!

  2. valentina says:

    i love all theas movies bc i am a varsity cheerleader i have a bow and arow dobbly twist cradle

  3. Ty says:

    All the films are great
    i hope the make more bring it on movies
    i like them

  4. liari says:

    moi j ai aimer bokoup c est le film
    est surtout la danse

  5. Viki says:

    I liked the movies alot, but my favorite is and always will be bring it on; All or nothing. i think Hayden should be in all of the movies she is the best.(; no offense to the other actors.!(;

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  9. jadiee says:

    i love all the bring it on films but think the first is definately the best one love it 🙂 . we dont have proper cheerleading in england its mostly just dancing.
    would watch more 🙂 x

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