You don’t know what you’ve got…

The Secret Life is back and I hope that it is as good as the first half of the season.  I mean I didn’t watch almost any of the first season but got hooked back in the fall.

We start off with Ben’s “friend” from Italy is coming to town and he is worried!  Amy and Anne spend some extra time in Santa Barbra with the babies.  George and some other nosey high schoolers are trying to figure out Robie’s paternity.  The boys( Ben, Ricky and Jack) decide to ditch school do to Ben’s crappy day.  Adrian then convinces Grace to skip as well and Ashley decides to tag along.  Of course, Ashley’s friend Griffin tags along.  Henry, Lauren, Madison and” I have a license, I have a car, let’s bounce”- Alice.  Ben get’s his dad’s Mercedes for the fellas to have fun.

  Blossom! I mean Dr. Bink is on the show as the counselor.  Some student ” don’t know his name”  tells her that there are three cars filled with teenagers looking to have sex.  He then asks what is in it for him.  She then tries to call all of the students to see why they are truant.  Almost everyone ends up at the beach and Adrian confesses that she thinks her mother may be taking a job in New York.  Also, at the beach Ben’s “friend” from Italy shows up and as she is hugging him his father calls from the school wanting to know where his Mercedes is!  I am not sure about Dr. Bink because she looked a little crazy when she thinks she has nailed the students.  Alice gets pulled over by the police and Dr. Bink calls Henry to tell him not to go to the beach because everyone is on their way back to school. 

It is super funny how everyone knows Dr. Bink for going to the prom with one of her students (he was 18)  it makes it hard for anyone to take her seriously.  Most of the parents come to the school because of everyone skipping and the parents agree that it is hard dealing with teenagers (duh).  We then go through with the parents talking with their kids.  Ben finally confesses to his father that he wants to see other girls.  The episode ends with Ricky calling Amy wanting to see his son and she says she doesn’t know when she is coming back. 

What did you guys think about this episode?


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