The Eleventh Hour

We start off in a crazy dream where Payson can do gymnastics and then she wakes up in reality with a girdle brace.  The Keeler family watches the parade with Kaylie, Emily and Lauren.  Payson sees them and then wants to go back to bed.  Her parents are showing a lot of concern for how well she is taking everything.

I may not know much about gymnastics but it is pretty odd that Kaylie get’s her own day dedicated to her.  Lauren is her typical self hating on Kaylie saying that she wouldn’t have one if Payson would have been at 100%. What do you know Damon is still in town and then Emily changes the subject to him being a rock star.  Emily and Chloe went to visit the family.  The next day Nicky went to visit her.  It seemed like he was trying to cover his tracks.  Of course, sneaky Lauren is listening in!  I really don’t like her.  She is the one fake character on the show.  She really needs someone to put her in her place!  Lauren does everything in her power this episode to make sure Kaylie cracks under the tremendous pressure she is under now that she is on her way to the olympics.

After Kaylie freaks out during a live interview she goes to visit Payson.  Kaylie breaks down and went to see Payson.  Payson being the supporter that she is tells Kaylie that she will be fine.  Kaylie tells Payson how much she needs her right now, but Payson just blew her off.

After all this tension we get a comedic/ romantic break when Damon puts on a romantic dinner/ performance on the rooftop of the pizza place where  they work.  Damon is questions rather Emily will forget him.  I think so because she forgot about Razor!  Okay, so Razor left to be apart of TBL but I am just saying he can come back at any time.

We then go to Payson destroying her room and her trophies in the middle of the night.  Her parents allow her to get out her anger.  This was actually a powerful few seconds in this episode.  Back to Damon and Emily where defining their relationship when… Oh yeah, Razor is back!!! This is great.  Damon has been keeping secrets and Razor tells them to enjoy themselves and leaves a little drama free (almost).  Although, I am a little let down because Razor seemed a little high or drunk.  After Razor leaves, Damon is ready to get off the roof top.  This seems interesting.

Summer is talking to Kim about being over the Rock while she is on leave and outside Payson is pulling up with her dad to come to the gym!  Yay Payson, way to be strong.  Maybe some miracle will happen and she can do gymnastics again or at least beat up Lauren.  Nikki goes to the gym at night looking for the cortisone except Lauren has already got it.  What a pain in the butt!  When will she learn you can’t blackmail your way to the top.  Emily goes to see Damon before he leaves so that he will ask her to wait for him.  He does, she says yes and they kiss. LAME!  What happened to Leo?  I am just saying I liked it when Emily had options. 

Oh yeah, another episode without Emily’s brother Brian.  They mentioned him but we didn’t see him.  What’s up with that? What’s up with that?  I stand corrected by Sunshine you were able to see Brian at the parade but if I didn’t see it then it wasn’t a significant scene with the brother in it!


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  1. Sunshine says:

    I loved having Razor back!! He did seemed a little drugged out but it was very funny when he told Damon that now he would be left alone to watch Emily 🙂 I like Emily with Damon but also enjoy seeing her with lots of boy options.

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