So this is probably my last post of 2009 as I am almost on vacation and lets face there is not much new on television….so since its my last for a while lets make it count!

Dollhouse a dying show with so much potential!!  This weeks episodes were great and if you have Epitath One you know whats coming….unless you believe Clyde and there are multiple scenarios and this could go another way (hint, hint Epitath Two).

In our first episode of the night we see Victor set free but not before he dumps Miss Lonely Hearts (who we all know is Adelle).  Apparently this grouping with Sierra is leaking into his missions because he dumps Adelle without even being programmed to do so.  Some really sweet stuff between Sierra and Victor when he tells her that he will have dinner with her not realizing his next treatment will be his last and he will become Anthony again.  We finally got our back story on Victor finding out he was a soldier in Afghanastan suffering from PTSD.  He was placed in the Dollhouse for 5 years and cured of his PTSD.  Upon his release he is swept up by Rossum’s military division and placed in an elite army unit that is connected by chip to share one mind.  Pretty good creepy sci-fi stuff here.  Echo and Boyd find out what happened to Victor and go to save him.  Echo decides to turn Sierra back to Pria knowing that Anthony/Victor loves her.  Of course seeing Pria helps him break the mind link and they work on escaping.  Echo joins the mindlink and over comes it and shuts it down.  Victory for Echo and she is going to let Pria and Anthony leave.  They are about to leave when Echo, Pria, and Anthony are mind wiped remotely and sent to The Attic.

So in the second episode we learn that The Attic is a really creepy place where dolls/workers are placed in a plastic container, covered in goo, and then closed in by plastic.  Really creepy and great effects showing how this works.  Also we learn that everyone kept in the Attic is in fact connected through each others minds and are forced to live out their worst nightmare over and over again.  They also are joined together to create the super computer that makes Rossum run.  So as if all this isn’t bad enought while people are inside their worst nightmares some guy calling himself Arcane is running around trying to kill them.  So while Echo  is in her nightmare Arcane comes to kill her but she is saved by Dominic!  (remember him from season one as the undercover NSA guy who hated Echo)  Dominic and Echo team up to save Sierra and Victor from Arcane.  They save them and take down Arcane who turns out to actually be Clyde one of the co-founders of Rossum.  Turns out he invented the whole mind control doll system but his partner turned it into Dollhouse and  put Clyde in the Attic and created a replica of Clyde.  Also, Clyde is killing people to take down the system that is Rossum by disconnecting the minds.  (I know this is alot of information but stick with me!)  So while also trying to take down the System, Clyde has been running proability analyses and knows that the world will end up like it is in Epitath One (this in fact the nightmare Clyde lives) however now that Echo is added to the equation and we learn that Carolyn knows who the other half of Rossum founders are that probability could change.  As Clyde has hinted there are multiple scenarios.  So, now Echo has to escape so she kills herself in her nightmare which disconnects her from the computer, but because she is super Echo she revives herself in real life and escapes freeing Victor and Sierra along the way.

Then in our greatest Whedonesque twist of the night—–We learn that this entire time everyone has been working together, Adelle, Boyd, Echo, and Ballard to bring down the dollhouse from the inside!  Adelle sent Echo to the Attic knowing that she could escape and learn how to bring down the System.  So Echo is ready to take them down but we are missing one piece—Carolyn.  We are so close Dollhouse fans January is going to be our final three episodes so take it all in. 

Also, in case I forgot to mention Ballard is alive again.  His personality was rebuilt by Topher but something had to be taken away in order to bring him back.  No one says what it is, but my guess is his love for Echo.  Something to look foward to!  So there you have it guys Dollhouse sends us out of 2009 with some crazy new information and it looks like it will end its run on some the strongest episodes ever from Whedon.


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