So I checked out the first hour of Sing-Off last night and I have got to say one hour was enough for me.  The singing wasn’t bad but the host and judges were horrendous!  Now as Nick Lachey kept telling us (over and over and over again) these groups did not have instruments!!!  They were just using their voices—Oh My God!!  Can you believe it—-well I could but Nick couldn’t seem to wrap his mind around it 🙂

Our judges (and we use that term very loosely) were even worse!  Apparently (according to NBC)  Ben Folds and Shawn Stockham (of Boys II Men) will be our permanent judges and a guest judge will rotate.  Our first guest judge was Nicole Scherzinger.  Nick described as a “struggling singer who made it big with the most famous female super group in the world…The Pussycat Dolls”.  Now i’m not saying I don’t enjoy my Pussycat Dolls but the most famous female super group in the world I really don’t think so.

The judges contributed little in actual judging.  Nicole was also amazed these people could sing without instruments (how do they keep the beat??).  Ben Folds would not that some people didn’t have enough range and Shawn Stockham noticed when a group was getting “tinty”?! 

I was in for the whole show until they eliminated a group in the 1st half of the show!  After hearing only four groups they eliminated one???  I did not understand and didn’t care to try so I moved on to other more exciting things like reading and sleeping.  I would stay away unless you can tune out the judges and host and just enjoy the singing.


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