The Office was actually pretty funny tonight—which has been the exception not the rule this season. A pretty good open when Dwight and Jim unveiled an undecorated tree (they thought it would be nice for everyone to decorate) and the staff was less than enthusiastic. The best running gag of the night though was the secret santa gift exchange between Andy and Erin. Andy was getting the twelve days of Christmas for Erin. (It wasn’t his fault the first few days come out to about 30 birds!) Erin has been attacked and has a pretty sweet scar on her face from one of the birds. Andy wraps it up nicely though with the twelve drummers drumming at the end. The other gag of the night was Michael wanting to be Santa even though Phyllis was told she could do it. Not as funny because it was Michael being immature as usual. We did learn the fate of the company when David Wallace told Michael the company would be sold and the executives would lose their jobs. He eventually told the sales staff that they were staying on because they were the only thing working in the company.


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