We open up with the Dunphy family talking to Phil’s father, who is played by Fred Willard.  Then Claire sees a “cigarette burn” on the side of the couch and freaks out.  We then see Jay and Manny watching, It’s a Wonderful Life, which Manny ruins with a monster popping up in the middle of the film.  Gloria explains that it is a Columbian tradition to play practical jokes during Christmas but Jay doesnt seem to be laughing.

At the Mall, Cameron and Mitchell are taking Lily to Santa’s Village for the first time.  We then see Cameron staring at carolers.  He goes on to tell the story about how three years ago he started a caroling group  and one of the members, Andrew, staged a coup and had Cameron kicked out.  The name of the group is great, The Green Sleevers.  This leads up to their turn to see santa only for the one they want to go on break and a “bad santa” to take his place.  This leaves them to care for the frustrated santa for the rest of the episode.

Back at the Dunphy house, Phil has cancelled Christmas.  None of the kids are confessing to burning the couch.  This is the first time that Phil has followed through on his punishment.  Of all the times it is Christmas and it has Claire worried and upset, but Phil is sure that the kids will come around.  Alex comes up with a plan to do a Spartacus and have Luke confess and then the two sisters will confess.  They would do this in the hopes that their parents would be proud that they would not let anyone take the fall.  This plan backfires when Alex and Haley leave the blame on Luke.  In the end Alex takes the blame to save Christmas and on Christmas morning we find out who did it.  An ornament was reflecting the sunlight onto the couch causing it to burn.

The last part of the episode we see Jay frustrated with Columbian Christmas traditions and tells Gloria and Manny that they will not celebrate those traditions in his house.  The look of hurt and disappointment on their faces were classic.  Jay then yells a big  Innocente!  He pranked them and they all enjoyed their Christmas.

Favorite Quotes:

  • Manny- Are you Crying?  Jay- What, are you a robot? (while watching It’s a Wonderful Life)
  • Phil- Maybe the couch did it to itself.  Came home from a rough day , lit one and burnt itself. (when asking the kids who burned the couch)
  • Phil- Haley, I guess I will have to take back that car.  Haley- I was getting a car!  Phil- No, I was lying because that’s what we do now. (when trying to figure out who burned the couch)

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