This episode started off slow for me but then got a little interesting.

We get to see a flashback of Amanda and Sydney working together to make money off of stolen paintings.  Sydney saw Amanda as a friend but the feeling was not mutual.  In this episode we see Riley and Jonah planning to elope in Vegas, but of course Ella and her connections pulls the string on that.  We see some major bad acting for their break up scene.  It seems official because we see Jonah and Ella hitting the sheets later on in the episode.

Lauren is back to making money and her “John” slips her some drugs that causes a bad reaction.  Before slipping unconscious she is able to ask David for help.  David lives his recently kidnaped brother Noah with Crazy Violet and gives instructions to not let his mother, Vanessa see him.  He thinks Vanessa killed Sydney.  Vanessa Mancini comes to the infamous address looking for her son Noah and we get an awesome flashback of the night of Sydney’s death.  Vanessa killed her! She then tries to frame David.  Finally, this is all that I have been waiting for!  Vanessa hears Noah’s voice in Violets apartment and so we get a pool fight between the two and the last one standing is…. Violet.  Amanda walks in and helps Violet out.  I wonder what price Violet will have to pay for this assistance?  Of course Viloet goes to Auggie for comfort but sees him forcing a kiss on Riley.  I think the show is finally getting somewhere but I seriously need a break.  I am appaled at the number of episodes this season was given to draw out who murdered Sydney!


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