Very happy with the second half of Alice.  Not quite as strong as the first half but still wrapped things up nicely.  So, we pick up with Alice trapped with Dr. Dee and Dum she agrees to draw a map so they can find the ring.  While she is doing this Hatter finds her and rescues her.  They escape on flying flamingos (seriously) and crash into the ocean.  They manage to get out and Hatter convinces Alice to let him find Catapillar to try and help her.  He makes contact and comes back to Alice to wait.  He tells her he will fight with the resistance and then we get extremely close to a kiss when Jack shows up!  Turns out Jack works for the resistance and is working for Catapillar.  He tells Alice he will take her to Catapillar and her dad but he can’t take Hatter or the White Knight with him.  Hatter says he doesn’t want to go anyway so Alice gives up the ring (which she hid on the skeleton of a dead king) and goes with Jack.

We meet the Catapillar and he shows Alice her dad.  Turns out Alice’s dad is the head scientist for the Queen!!!  He was brought 10 years ago and molded to work for the Queen.  Alice makes him remember who she is, but just a little, he is still convinced that she is just crazy and allows her to be taken to the Queen.  The Queen sentences her to banishment.  When they take Alice to the looking glass to go home she sees them bring two kids through  and Alice loses it.  She takes out the guards and runs away.  She jumps on another flying Flamingo and goes to Casino.  She gets on the floor with the Oysters and is about to be shot when Hatter shows up and saves her.  She hugs him and they start trying to wake people up.  They wake them up but they people can’t move because there feet are still stuck to the floor.  Her Dad sees her and remembers everything.  He comes to help her but has to shoot Walrus on the way in.  He gets inside tells Alice he remembers it all and then takes a bullet (shot by Walrus) to save her.  Hatter takes down Walrus and all the people get freed.  They take out the guard and run away.  They all make it out of the Casino and the Queen finds them.  The people turn on her and take the ring back.  Alice is getting ready to leave when Jack comes to see her.  Jack offers her the ring again and asks her to be his Queen.  Alice declines and hugs him.  Hatter comes in during the hug and is hurt.  Alice sees him and wants to say goodbye to him.  He comes over and she hugs him and he tells her maybe they can do pizza in her world.  She says they could do that and more (!).  But then she has to leave.  She goes through the looking glass and we see her lying in an alley.  Someone finds her and she wakes up in the hospital.  Apparently she has been in the alley for an hour.  She goes home and is packing up the stuff about her dad because she knows what happened to him.  The doorbell rings and her mom says the construction worker that found her came to check on her.  She goes to the living room and its HATTER!!!!  They hug and kiss and I got the happy ending I was hoping for.

So what did everyone else think….was it the best ending?  Would you rather she ended up with Jack?  Should she have stayed in Wonderland?

I hope SyFy does more of these re-tellings because I have really enjoyed the last two.


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