This happened last season with Dollhouse, so i’m not suprised it has happened again, facing impending cancellation Dollhouse has gotten really good.  The two episodes that aired on Friday were my favorites both story wise and acting.  And from what i’m hearing it only gets better from here.

Tonight we learned that Senator Perrin is the doll!!  We all thought it was the wife but as soon as the dollhouse thought it was the wife I think we all safely assumed they were wrong.  A great chance for us to see inside the dollhouse more by visiting their Washington branch.  We even met Bennett (the Topher of Washington) played crazily, and creepily by Summer Glau.  No one plays a slightly off woman like Summer!  So Perrin is a doll taking down the dollhouse without knowing he’s a doll!  Great stuff and great to see November/Ellie back in action as his star witness.  Echo yet again has glitched, why they keep using her I will never know.  But in our greatest twist of the night we find out Bennet actually knew Echo when she was Caroline!

In the second episode we got to see the brilliance that is Enver Gjokaj (he plays Victor) take on yet another personality…..Topher!   If you closed your eyes you would never be able to tell the two Tophers apart that was how great Enver’s impression was.  He even managed to make double the Topher not as annoying as it could have been.  Topher split himself into Victor so he could go to Washington and steal Perrin’s brain scan to figure out what his mission is.   He accomplishes this but has to clock Bennett to get it done.  Turns out the Senator is not a full doll—he was Daniel Perrin, but not ambitious enough so the Dollhouse instilled that ambition into his brain!  He is also programmed to help make Rossum (they run the dollhouse) the single greatest medical group in the world.  This means he sets up this elaborate take down of the Dollhouse then at the senate hearing turns it to say that the other medical research groups attacked him and his family and fed him this information on the Dollhouse as a set up for Rossum.  He even tells them his wife was murdered by them (even though he actually killed her, and not to mention she was his handler not his wife).  Great stuff and here is hoping next week is even better, I would rather we go out on a high note with this show.


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