So, I know we are late on this one, but  this past weekend we saw this film at the $2 movies.  It was a cute film, about two best friends, one good and the other one bad.  Josh Hutcherosn is great for the character of bad boy Steve, who is obsessed with vampires and wants to be one.  Chris Massoglia is pretty new to acting with a few roles under his belt becomes the loveable Darren Shan who is obsessed with spiders.  You may be wondering what is the big deal with them liking vampires and spiders?  Well, the lust of a special spider sends Darren and Steve on two separate paths that will lead to a war between Vampires, who do not kill their prey and the Vampaneze, who do kill their prey. 

Darren stole Larten Crepsley’s, who is played by John C. Riley, spider Madam Octa.   While at school Steve finds out and tries to kill her.  She then goes on to give him a poisonous bite.  Darren Goes to Crepsley to get an antidote and in order to save his friend he must become half vampire.  When Steve finds out he is very mad.  He feels that Darren has stolen his dream.  During this whole adventure we see Michael Cerveis’ character Mr. Tiny, collecting DNA samples of the two friends.  He writes peoples destiny’s if they follow his path.  He guides Steve towards the ways of the Vampaneze.  With this comes Steve’s awesome purple eyes and a murderous streak.  In the end we are left wondering what will happen next.   Will the war begin?  Will Darren become a part of the Vampaneze or will Crepsley and the rest of the Vampires and Freaks overcome the Vampaneze.

I am not holding my breath for a sequel although it would be nice.  This film is based on a sereis of books by Darren Shan himself.  Check them out at:

I give this film 3/4 stars.  It wasn’t horrible and if I keep my hopes up like I did with the Dawn Treader maybe we can get a conclusion to this story!



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