So, just as I thought I would, I loved Alice.  We got the first two hours of this four hour mini-series last night and we will get the second half tonight at 9.  SyFy (formerly SciFi) has really found a niche with these remade childhood/fairy tale stories.  We had TinMan and now Alice. 

A great retelling/interpretation of the classic Alice in Wonderland story.  No fuzzy rabbits and chesire cats here (well there is one sort of, but he’s a real cat or a figment of Alice’s imagination…..) just real people taking on the characteristics of classic characters.  No blond helpless Alice here.  Dark hair, karate teacher, and she wears sensible shoes (a nice change of pace if you ask me!). 

Our story begins with Alice brining her boyfriend (Jack Chase) home to mom.  Seems she’s got some trust issues with men ever since her dad disppeared 10 years earlier.  Jack comes over, charms mom, and then gets a mysterious text telling him to run.  But rather than run Jack proposes….or at least sticks a ring in Alice’s pocket before he leaves.  Alice finds the ring, chases him down, and see’s him taken.  A man shows up (he’s a member of the secret group White Rabbit….get it?!) he wants that ring.  She says no, they fight and he gets away with the ring box.  She chases and falls through the looking glass!!!

And here we are in wonderland.  Turns out Alice is an Oyster in Wonderland.  Humans are called this because the Queen of Hearts harvests their emotions….she cracks them open and drains them.  Although there is not actual cracking open, just hooks them to the floor of the casino and makes them feel constant emotions (excitement, joy, lust, happiness….etc).  She only harvests the good emotions and then sells them to the people through the tea shop. 

The tea shop is where we meet the Mad Hatter, or Hatter as he is called here.  Alice is brought the Hatter because he may be able to save her.  Turns out, based on flash backs and what we are told, this story is occuring sometime after the original Alice came to Wonderland and turned the world on its top.  After the old Alice took down the house of cards they rebuilt and now Wonderland is back in the hands of the Queen of Hearts.  High hopes abound that this new Alice is here to perform the same takeover that the old Alice did.  Hatter agrees to help Alice and takes her to the underground.  This group of people is hiding refugees and trying to stop the Queen.  When Alice meets there leader he doesn’t want to help.  Hatter offers up her ring as payment,  when the leader sees it he flips out because it is the “Stone of Wonderland”.  Apparently everyone wants it cause it controls the looking glass.  A fight ensues and Alice and Hatter escape.  They run back to the tea shop only to find the Queens top assassin searching for them.  He has an awesome rabbit head cookie jar in place of his regular head….watch the show to find out why!  He smells them and follows them to the woods.  In the woods Alice and Hatter find the white knight and he takes them in.  During the night Alice realizes she has to get to the Queen’s casino to save Jack so she leaves and turns herself in.  Hatter wakes up to find her gone and sets out in pursuit.

Alice is brought to the Queen and lies about the ring.  The Queen brings in Jack.  Alice is thrilled to see him until he explains to his mom—the Queen (!) that Alice was just a fling and she stole the ring from him.  Alice is shocked and then saddened when she meets Jack’s fiance the Duchess.  Jack decides to leave but first hugs Alice, tells her no hard feelings, slips her a watch and says “He’s here”.  Alice isn’t sure what that means until she looks at the watch and realizes it belongs to her dad!  We leave Alice in the truth room with Dr. Dee and Dr. Dum hanging on a ledge.

So the questions we are left with:

  • Is Jack good or bad?  Did he love Alice?  Why did he give her the Queen’s ring?
  • Is Hatter in love with Alice?  Can/Will he save her?
  • Will Alice find her dad? Can she take down the house of cards again?  Is she The Alice of Legend?

Just a couple other bulleted thoughts:

  • Based on time spent together I would like to see Alice end up with the Hatter.
  • Jack is better looking in Wonderland than he is in the real world.
  • Kathy Bates plays an awesome Queen.
  • Favorite line of the night: “Do I need a reason to help a very pretty girl in a very wet dress?”  Hatter to Alice when she wants to know what he gets out of helping her.
  • Zak Santiago plays the 10 of Clubs and he is hot!

Tune in tonight for the second half of this miniseries at 9 pm.  If you missed the first half tune in to SyFy at 7 pm and catch a rerun of the first 2 hours.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Nice re-cap. For the questions I think the following: Jack is good and loves Alice. He gave her the ring so that togehter they can liberate the oysters! The Hatter is not in love with Alice but he will help her. Alice will find her dad in the end and take out the Queen. I am not sure about her being the Alice of legend, but she seems to be the second Alice in Wonderland history to come and stir up trouble. I can’t wait for the conclusion tonight!

  2. darby says:

    hatter loves alice! it doesnt get proven until the end but its amazing!

  3. […] almost completely the plot to SyFy’s Alice.  See my thoughts and recap on that version here and here.  If you haven’t seen that version read the recaps or check it out and then […]

  4. anouschka van de wielen says:

    oh hy is sooo hot i like him very much in the movie i like his hare!! so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Indy says:

    My favourite line was the same. XDD

  6. Monse says:

    He is soooo cuuuteee!!! *____*
    I want him to be my boyfriend!!

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