Cute episode of the office tonight. We learn that 10 years ago Michael started a group called Scott’s Tot’s where he agreed to pay for a group of third graders tuition. Its time to pay up and of course Michael doesn’t have the money. He has to go to the school and tell them he doesn’t have the money and it goes about as well as you would expect. He does finally agree to buy one kids books to try and make things better.

At the office Dwight launches his diabolical plan to get Jim fired. He uses Andy to convince Jim to start an employee of the month program. Dwight then starts collecting money saying Jim asked him to. He then rigs the process so Jim picks himself. Jim tries to explain he didn’t do it but no one buys it. Pam tells him to just go to next highest score and it ends up being her. Dwight then does great voice impressions of everyone to call David Wallace. David calls Jim and Dwight thinks he will be fired. However he didn’t count on David and Jim being friends and nothing happens to Jim.

Best line of the night from Dwight: In an ideal world all 10 of my fingers would be on my left hand so that my right was just a fist I use for punching!

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