Tonights Bones leaned heavily on Avatar and on the documentay King of Kong (which is a great movie so check it out). It seemed like some lazy story telling to me but it was still an enjoyable episode. In our mystery of the night the body of the reigning champ of Punky Pong is found in a vat of oil. Just like the documentary the conflict centers around whether or not he was truly the reigning champion…except in the documentary no one dies. We learned that the champ was not the champ and was killed by the father of an autistic boy that actually played the perfect game. Turns out the fake champ taped the boy playing then wouldn’t give him credit.

On the Avatar story line we see intern Colin, Hodgins, and Sweets spend there day in line waiting for the premiere of Avatar. The only good stuff was when Sweets almost hooks up with a random chick then backs out only to have Colin step in and hook up with her.   But on the plus having some focus on Hodgins gave us a chance to see him in his wife beater working in the lab and we learn he has a tattoo of Angela on his arm….courtesy of her dad.  She tells him he needs to take it off and he said he doesn’t know why he needs to.

Booth and Bones didn’t have a lot of cute moments together tonight but it is clear that the show is pushing them together even more.  Booth especially seems to be wanting to spend time with Bones more as evidenced by him calling her to a crime scene where she isn’t needed.


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