Well, I have nothing else to do besides watch Pixar Shorts on ABC Family so here we go.  I love that this is more of a concert than just nominations!  That is why I will focus on the performances and you can check out the website 

Check out www.grammy.com for more information on nominees and the different categories.



Maxwell- He was great.  It has been a while since he has given us something to listen to so I was glad to see him last night.  His tribute to Michael Jackson was on point. Video: Maxwell Performs “Lady Of My Life” (Live) Tribute Michael Jackson.

Sugarland- Jennifer Nettels can sing her butt off.  Sugarland gave a very soulful and heartfelt performance.

Not Good

I understand that they had the nominations in a “club” but the loud music while people were talking and saying the nominees was annoying.  I know I wasn’t the only one because we could all see the look of anger coming across Katy Perry’s face while she was talking.

Nick Jonas and The Administration- Bros before… wait well stick with your brothers!

I usually love the Black Eyed Peas, but their performance was lacking… a lot.  This was sad because their song “I Gotta Feeling” seemed to be the theme for the Grammys this year.  It was hard to watch.  What wasn’t hard to watch but wasn’t the best was LL Cool J.  What happened?  It didn’t matter in the end because he stuck to what he knows.  No one will care what comes out of my mouth if I lick my lips!

People that were good to see:  Ringo Starr and Smokey Robinson.  Not good to see Drake.  You may ask yourselves why?  It is because Sunshine brought to my attention that Drake is the kid from Degrassi.  This takes his “rap” credit away for me.  What did you guys think about last night?


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