Tonight we got to hear Smile (by Lily Allen), Smile (Charlie Chaplin Cover) and Jump.

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All I have to say about this episode is FINALLY!!!  Finally Will knows about Terri’s stupid fake pregnancy and he lets her have it!  In one of the most dramatic moments I have seen in Glee, Will confronts Terri after finding one of her fake baby bumps in there dresser and it is confirmed for him that she has been faking.  She finally tells him about the hysterical pregnancy and her plan to take in Quinn’s baby.  Will is heart broken and tells her that he used to love her.  It was great and as much as I hate the Terri character I hope we get to see her in the next episode to see her suffer like we have had to watching her story line!!

Meanwhile, it is yearbook photo time at the school.  The Thunderclap always has a picture of Glee Club in it and it always gets vandalized.  This year Sue Sylvester convinces the principal to keep Glee out of year book because of this.  He agrees, but Will fights him.  The Glee club (all but Rachel) agree with the principal and don’t want in the yearbook.  However, Will buys a quarter page spread and it will hold a pic of two members of the Glee Club.  The group unanimously nominates Rachel but no one wants to be in the picture with her.  Will has her work on the club to find a co-captain.  She convinces Finn to join her, but when his team mates make fun of him he chickens out.  Even though Rachel is alone in the photo she convinces the photographer to let the Glee club do the commerical he is producing.

The group does a commercial for the local mattress store.  This is when they perform Jump.  It was a good performance of the song.  Sue Sylvester sees it and gets the clubs amateur status taken away because they received payment in the form of mattresses.  And they can’t return the mattresses because after Will found out about the fake pregnancy he sleeps on one of them.  So, Quinn, in her bid to get back on the Cheerios figures out that Sue has broken the rules too because they get free stuff all the time and sometimes sell it for profit.  Sue offers to let her back on the team as the person in charge of dry cleaning.  Quinn declines but tells her she will take one of the 6 yearbook pages the Cheerios are using for the Glee Club photo. 

So the Glee Club gets there photo, but in order to go to sectionals they have to give up there coach.  Will takes one for the team and steps out so they can still compete.  Next week is the fall finale and then no new episodes until April 2010.  In order for this fall part of the season to end perfectly I need a few things to happen:  Will to be allowed to coach at sectionals, Will and  Terri to split for good, Emma to not marry coach Ken, and for Quinn to finally give Puck a real chance. 


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