I really hope everyone got to watch this episode and if its sitting at home on your DVR/TIVO stop what you are doing and go watch it!

So much happened last night that I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with the body count: Weston, Edmund, Polly Zobelle, and Half-Sack are dead. Gemma is on the lamb and Abel has been kidnapped! What’s truly crazy is that in a 90 minute episode we learned about most of these things in the latter half of the show.

We start with the gang learning Weston and Zobelle are going free. Weston because the witness on him is unreliable and Zobelle because he is an FBI informant! So Zobelle is a rat and he is being protected by the Mayans. Unser finally tells Hale what happened to Gemma and she seems genuinely hurt for Gemma but can’t stop Zobelle. Jax goes to prison and tells Otto the news on Ethan Zobelle so he can pass it on to the Aryans. Great scene where Otto stabs a guy in the neck!

The Sons and the Mayans have an old western style stand off on main street with the cops in between trying to keep the peace. Jax hears from Unser where to find Weston and goes after him. He tracks him to a tattoo parlor where Weston is having a cop supervised visit with his son. Opie knows the owner and sets up the kill. Weston goes to the bathroom and brings his son. Jax and the guys are inside waiting. Weston tells his son to go back out but to never rat to the police. He leaves and Jax kills Weston.

The Nomads and Juice stay on main street waiting for Zobelle and the Mayans to leave the cigar shop. What they don’t know is that Zobelle is hanging around waiting on Polly to get back. Polly is on her way to see Edmund. Little does she know that Gemma is following her or that Agent Stahl has already killed Edmund. She gets to Edmunds house and sees his body but doesn’t see Stahl. While Stahl is deciding what to do Gemma walks in and shoots Polly. Stahl comes out and tells Gemma she is going to give her a headstart. Before Gemma leaves Stahl stops her and tosses her the gun used to kill Edmund framing her for his death. Gemma delivers the best line of the night: God Damn, you are a smart bitch. Gemma escapes before the feds come and goes on the lamb with Unser as her sidekick.

Half-Sack was escorting Gemma and Tara around when Gemma went to kill Polly. Tara headed home and asked Half-Sack to stay with Gemma. When the feds arrive he leaves. He doesn’t know Edmunds dad is listening on the police frequency and hears Stahl say Gemma killed Edmund. He sees Half-Sack and follows him. This leads him to Tara and Abel at Jaxs house. Tara is on the phone with Jax when Edmunds dad arrives. Jax (who along with the club have tracked Zobelle down…more on that in a minute) leaves the group and rushes home with Opie and Chibbs as back up. They find Half-Sack dead, Tara tied up and Abel gone. Tara tells them what happened and Jax calls Clay and tells him that he needs him. Clay and the rest of the crew leave and go after Abel. They track his kidnapper down but don’t catch him. He gets on a boat and leaves with Abel. The scream of pain and heartbreak from Jax at the end was scary and moving at the same time.

Zobelle manages to survive because of the kidnapping. He should have been dead after the Sons stage a beautiful on the road attack. They use one of Unsers trucks loaded with SAMCRO to shoot up the Mayans but Zobelle drives away. He runs to a deli/grocery store to hide. The club waits for the store to clear out. While they are waiting Zobelle calls Hale and Hale tells him Polly is dead and that he is out of Charmings jurisdiction. Zobelle seems hurt that Polly is dead but still leaves and flies to Budapest.

A great episode and now I cannot wait for the next season. Sutter says the 3rd season hasn’t been picked up yet but it will be. For more answers (like why Half-Sack had to die) check out What’s Alan Watching  for an interview with Kurt Sutter.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    It was horrible that the prospect never got to be official! Poor Abel, they were so close. I was looking for a little Miami Vice action and the Sons get a boat and tail them, but I guess bikers don’t do boats. This better get picked up for another season. At first I thought they are going to kill them all and then what will they do next season. way to go for the sucker punch writing team!.

  2. […] ron perlman, Sons of Anarchy, Tara, Tig Things pick up right where we left off at the end of season 2.  Half-Sack is dead and he bike club has planned his funeral.  Abel is still gone and for all […]

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