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This episode follows Wilson working on his friend, Tucker,  that is in the hospital.  There is a little conflict between the patients much younger girlfriend and his ex-wife and daughter.  Wilson bets House that it is not cancer.  While House is away he goes to the diagnosis team to get some feedback.  House finds out and tries to get Wilson to give him his $100.  Cuddy is obsessed with real estate as her and Lucas are looking for a home.

Tucker asks Wilson for a lobe of his liver because they have the same blood type.  He also tells Wilson that he wants his family back (ex-wife and daughter) He said he couldn’t.  He comes home to House, who tells him not to be a doormat.  Wilson blames himself for killing his friend.  He says he gave him to much chemo.  He then tells House he is wrong and to get his stuff and leave.

Wilson then goes to Cuddy to talk about giving Tucker a lobe of his liver.  After some debate she says ok.  He then goes to House to tell him his decision.  This only turns into an argument, but Wilson turns it around and asks House to be in the operation with him.  House says no.  This takes Wilson back and he asks “why?”  House then said the best thing- “If you die, then I’m alone.”

We then see Wilson getting prepped for the surgery.  Tucker is wheeled by him and says thanks.  We then see House looking down on the procedure from the observation room.  We then see House sitting with Wilson in the recovery room.  Wilson is talking about his disappointment.  This is due to Tucker chosing his young girlfriend over his family once the surgery is done. 

Earlier Wilson gave Cuddy the name of a realtor.  We then see Wilson outbids Cuddy on a loft.  Why?  Because she hurt his friend.  This is great!

I liked that the focus was on Wilson this episode.  What did you guys think?


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