Not Peter in his EMT uniform...but still a good pic!

Tonight was the last episode of Heroes until Jan 4th and it wasn’t a bad episode–it wasn’t good either. The episode just kind of was—in classic heroes fashion we moved foward some but not much. Claire gets to the carnival and likes what she sees. Tattoo girl shows her that her desire is to be in the carnival. After touring and seeing her old friend the puppet master Claire decides to stay for a couple days. Samuel is pleased and tells tattoo girl that all his work is not to get Claire which begs the question….who does Samuel want?

Peter is trying to save Nathan. He takes the Haitians powers and gets Sylar alone. He blocks Sylars powers and literally nails him to a table. He mind wipes until he finds Nathan. Nathan and Peter spend some bonding time on the roof. Nathan says he can’t fight anymore and jumps off the roof. He falls (horrible effects just FYI) Peter catches him then let’s him drop. As he falls he transforms to Sylar hits the car, heals, and walks away.

So we are back where we began—Sylars on the loose, Peter is a tormented hero, and Claire is apparently the key to it all. At least Peter looks hot in that EMT uniform


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