The plan went into place tonight. In a crazy good episode (I don’t know how they keep getting better but they do) we saw Jax brains and Clays crazy play out.

All the families were gathered up at the clubhouse to keep them safe. All the clubs were there too and yes ladies that was our favorite blonde cop from the Shield. Jax, Juice, and Opie go to Weston and let him know Zobell gave guns to the Mayans and is selling there heroin. Weston goes crazy and kills two mexican workers and one of his own men. He confronts Zobell about it but Polly stops him from killing Zobell. Jax gets Westons kids taken away and they set up a 10 on 10 fight to the death.

Meanwhile, ATF is still going after the Irish. SAMCRO tells Jimmie O what happened so he agrees to help them get there guns. He sets up a bait and switch which ruins the ATF bust and puts the Sons back in the gun business. Clay and Jax also meet with the Chinese and the Niners. They offer them all the Mayan teritory to split if they will help them out.

At the 10 on 10 fight Weston shows up armed with tons of men. He tells Jax he doesn’t plan to lose. Jax says he won’t lose either and the Chinese and Niners come out as back up. Weston drops the weapns and we go to the 10 on 10 fight. Tig bites a guys ear off but the cops show up before anyone dies.

SAMCRO goes to the cigar shop and use Polly to smoke out her dad. He comes out and Clay is ready to kill himwhen Hale busts in. Zobell knows he is going to die so he tells the cops where the drugs are and has them arrest him and Polly.

Extra stuff we learned tonight: Halfsack is a month from being a Probie for a year and it looks like he will be a full member soon; Gemma is the queen so that makes Tara like a princess!

Also, Tara is bad ass. She busts up her boss and dares her to report it. Nice fight and nice job by Tara securing her job.

Great episode, 90 minute episode next week, I don’t know if my heart can take much more!


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