We start out this episode in the ER.  Then we flashback to a few days earlier.  Luke’s birthday is around Thanksgiving and he always looked over.  Phil and Claire decide to have a party.  Cameron then becomes obsessed with getting Luke a clown for his party.  Mitchell states, “it is not our party!”  He suggests giving Luke a gift card and Cameron responds, “who hurt you.”  Jay wants to give Luke a crossbow, which Gloria denies.  They are interrupted by Manny wanting to know if he is charming, because his crush will be at the birthday party.  Jay tells him to be the funny guy.  Manny is not that funny when he tries to make jokes.

Mitchell is pumping gas and is tapped by the guy behind him.  He calls him an ass and then Fizbo gets out of the car and makes the guy apologize and back down!

We figure out Phil’s fear…Clowns! LOL.  He doesn’t know where this fear comes from, but his mother told him it may be from finding a dead clown in the woods.

We then see Cameron putting  on clown makeup.  He is Fizbo and he will be at Luke’s party! We find out that Cameron is a classically trained clown. 

Claire, is she crazy? Comb Sheaths!

Haley, thanks to Alex, gets jealous of the “reptile girl” who is talking to much to Dylan.  I mean the guy is easily entertained and is walking around with a snake saying he is Brittany Spears.  Haley lets a scorpion loose and all hell breaks loose.  Manny finds out he is not the sweet guy or the funny guy but a man of action.  He saves his crush and her balloon dog from a deflating bounce house.  Luke slips on the beads (from the comb sheaths) and breaks his arm.  This brings us back to the ER.  Luke thought this was the best birthday ever.  Luke was the center of attention and the whole family was together.

Only one more episode this season!


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