Oh, Heroes, even on your best nights you drag along and bore me, and tonight was not one of your best nights.  I don’t even really have the energy to do a good recap—thats how draining this episode was.  It was Thanksgiving on Heroes (as if they don’t all sit around and talk to much as it is) and everyone has issues.  The Bennets all get together and have a very uncomfortable Thanksgiving.  It all ends with Claire stabbing her hand (right there with you Claire) and announcing she is going to run off to the circus.  Now under normal circumstances this is just a humorous teenage threat….but Claire actually has a circus to run away too and is taking her lesbian friend/roommate with her.  The only glimmer of hope I have for this story line is that the roommate is still evil.

Hiro meanwhile gives Samuel the video showing him his powers (why, to save Charlie of course) and Samuel doesn’t let Charlie go.  Shocking, I know but the bad guy once again pulls one over on Hiro.  Luckily, Hiro isn’t the only one a little worried about Samuel.  Tattoo girl and Edgar are also worried and want to help Hiro take Samuel down.  They also suspect Joseph was not killed by an outsider.  They go back in time and see Joseph give the compass to Danko, so we know he is a traitor to Samuel if nothing else.

The Petrelli’s aren’t having a Happy Thanksgiving either.  Everyone knows the secret is out and Peter and Mama Petrelli have to decide if they want to cling to a memory of Nathan in Sylar’s body, or destroy Sylar before he takes control.  Sylar slips out and has a chance to kill Mama Petrelli but the little bit of Nathan left manages to save her life and then Sylar/Nathan flies away. 

Here’s hoping Heroes can and will go out a winner.  Tie the story lines together, stop letting your Heroes do stupid things, and push this story foward (or more likely toward an end because I seriously don’t see another season happening).


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