The patient is a brilliant physicist, who gave it all up for love instead of being smart.  The team thinks it is TTB and take his spleen out.  Of course this is the wrong original diagnosis. 

Cameron is gone back to Chicago and Chase is trying to figure out how to cope.  With Taub’s return his wife is holding out on sex and Foreman and Thirteen are working well together.  House plans to crash Cuddy’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Everyone is reaching out to Chase over Cameron’s departure.  The banter between Taub and Chase was great.  Chase- “I’m going to go over here and pretend I found something interesting.”  The two find out about the patients substance abuse.

House did 45 minutes of clinic duty in order to get on Cuddy’s good side and get an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner.  He invites Wilson as his date. 

House shows up to Thanksgiving dinner, without Wilson, to find he is at the wrong house.  Cuddy’s house sitter opens the door and says she was told to offer him a turkey sandwich.  House goes to the Lucas’ house and drinks all a bottle of wine.  Before he passes out he confesses to loving Cuddy.

Lucas breaks up with Cuddy because he didn’t realize how much there was between House and Cuddy.  She confronts House and says, ” there is no us and there never will be.”  House is happy because Lucas and Cuddy are broken up, but Wilson  doesn’t think this will work.  House planned the whole thing or did he?

DXM junkie (cough syrup) is what House calls the patient.  Robo tripping mixed with one drink a day.  He confessed that if his brain was on low that his life was bearable.    He is then a jerk to his wife, because he is back at the level he used to be.  His wife thinks he hates them and is talking with Foreman.  We then hear the patient yell that he can’t feel his legs.

We then see Taub and his wife.  He thinks she is holding out because he is taking a pay cut.  She is upset because he is 40 years old and still doing grunt work instead of being the boss like he was in plastic surgery.

We then go back to the team trying to figure out what is wrong with the patient.  Chase punches House in the face after he said a smart comment about Cameron.  Finally, he released some of his anger!

House and the patient have a bonding moment about being so smart that you cannot connect. The patient confesses to trying to kill himself 12 years ago..  The hospital put him on narcotics and felt better.  This is when he met his wife, ” she was so happy and dumb.”  He knew he was buzzed out of his head and wanted to stay that way forever.  House then gives the patient some cough medicine.

When the patient tried to kill himself he broke three ribs and it damaged his spleen.  The patient is suffering from TTB, but Chase didn’t remove all of the spleen.  Chase apologizes for hitting House, but now no one will bother him about Cameron leaving.

Taub took a picture of House and shows it to his wife to take credit.  She becomes concerned and they make up.

Are Cuddy and House no more?  What will happen next?


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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog and let me know what you think.

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