Last night there were two guest stars, Elizabeth Banks and Edward Norton.  I was very excited to see where they went with this.

In this episode Phil & Claire celebrate their anniversary.  Phil goes all out with balloons, flowers, a viewfinder that shows a picture of the bracelet he got her.  Claire gives him five coupons for hugs (which are generally free).  She then tries to take it to the next level by getting one of the band members from Phil’s favorite (not) band, Izzy Fontane (Norton).

At Cameron and Mitchell’s house they come to the realization that they needed a night out and would get Gloria to watch Lily.  They hooked up with their old friend Sal (Banks), who is a party girl.  Cameron mentions that she is not allowed back into Amsterdam!

Jay is excited that it is “Jay’s Night.”  This is when Jay & Gloria have all the grandkids come over and spend the night.  Poor Lily experiences this for the first time with Gloria’s not so good singing to put the baby to sleep.  Manny is in love with his cousin-in-law Haley.  This makes for some hilarious interaction between him and Jay.  Quote of the night:  After Manny says Haley can change in his room; Jay says- “Take it down a notch Jethro!” – Hilarious.  Meanwhile, Alex tortures Luke with the idea that Jay is sick and dying which makes him stick close to Jay and Haley is trying to sneak out to a party down the street to be with Dylan.

Phil’s night of musical serenade was not good.  Norton with a horrible English accent was not that funny either.

Cameron and Mitchell spend the night babysitting Sal.  They finally confront her about her behavior.  All night she refused to look at any baby pictures and said that she wanted to kill the baby.  Cameron concludes that she is suffering from 1st child syndrome.  In the end Sal confesses that she can’t come to the guys when she needs them because of the baby and they reassure her that she can.

Phil concludes that Claire is the worst gift giver ever.  Poor Phil.  He goes on to list all the gifts she could have gotten him.  Well, at least Claire tried.

Gloria convinces Jay to let Haley go to the party and so he finds Dylan hiding to pick her up and invites him into the house.  Haley is ready to go, but Dylan sees the sloppy Jay’s and the western movie and wants to stay.

Highlights: Jay catching Haley trying to sneak away every time.  Sal, enough said.

Not so good: Edward Norton, at least not for me.  What did you guys think?


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