Another solid episode of SOA. Jax and Clay have a heart warming moment where they decide everyone in Zobells crew will die for what they did. They let the club know what happened and the whold club is in for some revenge.

Gemma is feeling unwanted by Clay and has a very awkward encounter with Tig where they almost have sex. Tig stops before it gets too far and tells Gemma he isn’t himself. Tig goes back to the club and runs into Opie. He tells Opie he killed Donna and then explains what Stahl did to set him up. Opie beats the crap out of Tig and rides off to kill Stahl. Bobby is finally told what happened and is not upset by it. He is just concerned that no one else find out what happened. Jax goes to try and stop Opie.

Hale tells Jax that he thinks Stahl is meeting with one of Zobells men to take down the Irish. Jax follows Zobells men and realizes they are working with the Myans but he doesn’t see Stahl. Opie finds Stahl and sees Chibbs meeting with her. When he finally gets Stahl alone he confronts her. He points his gun at her and then let’s her go. He tells her to remember that the outlaw showed mercy when she is messing with people.

Opie goes back to the club and agrees to help Jax fix the club. He meets with the main leaders and tells them he is staying but they need to make this right. The club agrees. Opie tells them about Chibbs and tells them they have to hear him out and believe him. Before they can call in Chibbs he comes to them (after Gemma told him the best thing to do was tell them). He tells them what happened and the club agrees to help him and his family.

Jax tells them about Zobell and Myans. The club agrees to use this to unravel. The Zobell and Weston alliance then kill them.

Before the meeting ends Piney busts in and shoots at Clay. He misses and Opie asks Clay to show Piney mercy because Piney only did it so Opie wouldn’t have to. The best part was when Clay asked if Opie was over wanting to kill himand Opie didn’t answer and said all he wanted right now was mercy for Piney. Clay allows Piney to stay and we are moving toward a big fight next week.

A great episode that did a great job of highlighting how truly important Gemma is to the club.


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