Men Who StareSo, Sunshine and I saw this movie this weekend and it was pretty funny.  There were some laugh out loud moments for me, but it wasn’t the greatest for me.  In the film we follow Ewan McGregor’s character, Bob Wilton, as he tries to prove that he has worth to his wife and to himself.  He finds adventure and meaning with George Clooney, who plays Lyn Cassady.  Lyn was one of the military’s best super soldiers/ Jedi.  The whole premise of a Jedi and having Ewan McGregor in the film kept me laughing.

Bill Django, played by Jeff Bridges was the founder of the U.S. Army’s First Earth Battalion and recruited soldiers who showed signs of paranormal power.  The true nemesis of this film was Kevin Spacey’s character, Larry Hooper, who weasels his way into the battalion.  All I can say is LSD is a terrible, terrible drug.

You do get to see men stare at goats, hamsters and humans.  If you like any of these actors go see the matinée.  My favorite part was when they are dancing as part of the training.  George Clooney has some moves!  I would give this film 2/5 stars.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 starstar


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