The episode starts off with a porn stars eyes feeling like they are about to explode. 

Cameron accepts that Chase “killed” a patient and tells him that they need to get away and the time is now to move.  They come to work to find House back in charge and announce that they are leaving the team and the hospital.  Cuddy and Foreman are in shock, but House moves on and tells Foreman heres hoping you’re good at multitasking.

House goes after his old team to get them to work for him again.  Meanwhile, Foreman guilt’s Chase into helping with the case.  House goes to Taub for help and finds one answer for the suffering patient.  He tells House that he is not coming back!  Foreman even goes to see Thirteen!  She wants to know if Foreman still has feelings for her.  She tells him that she can’t work with him. Foreman admits to be the one with the problem but that he doesn’t anymore and walked away!

The patient is in need of a transplant and Cameron advises him that the committee would be less likely to put him on the list because of his profession.  He then freaks out and talks about how he will live his life and doesn’t want to be kept “safe” the way his parents did.  Making him live his life in fear of germs and getting hurt.

House has 4 candidates and 3 slots.  Chase says he wants to be on the team, but House questions how this will affect his marriage.  Thirteen got the position at the clinic, but received a fax from House about the diagnostics for the patient.  Taub does a consultation and struggles through, because he is looking at the case. 

Taub and 13 call in to stop test.  The patient worms were helping him.  They concluded that the patients clean childhood never allowed his body to build up immunities against germs.

Taub then comes to House to be on the team.  Then we see Thirteen standing outside of House’s office.  Chase came clean to Cameron about wanting to be on the team and how she was always interested in diagnostics.  She then goes to House and says she was in love with him and wanted to be like him.  She confronts him about poisoning Thirteen,Taub and now Chase.  She feels that he cannot see right from wrong. 

Cameron’s last words were there is no way back for either of you and she kissed House on the cheek and walked away.  House gets his team back minus Cameron.  She broke up with Chase and left the hospital.


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  1. Kris says:

    Can I ask a question?
    I don’t get how/why House was trying to break Chase + Cameron up.

    this is just my guess, can you tell me if I’m wrong?

    House wants them to find the root of their problem.
    Cameron believes House’s morals (which screw up right from wrong) rubbed off on Chase.
    She believes House and Chase don’t value a human life.
    Chase kills Dibala because of House’s influence.
    She leaves them both.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Who is to say what is right or wrong but the writers. I like your idea, but I think there is more to House’s motive than Cameron and Chase finding the root of their problem. I think he loved Cameron like she loved him. As the song says, ” looking for love in all the wrong places.” House seems like a guy who would not want someone he loves to be with anyone if it wasn’t him. I think we will see a little of that next week between him, Cuddy and the detective!

      • Kris says:

        Thanks a lot for opening up that possibility for me.
        When Cameron said she “loved” him, what tense is that?

        Did she love him throughout the series, or just before she married Chase? Did her love for him end after she married Chase?

      • Elizabeth says:

        I think that it is a past tense love. In early seasons it was very obvious her love of House and his talents. When she became more observant of how dismissive he was of patients as people and his disregard of others oppionions and feelings was when she stopped loving him. This also led to her originally leaving the team.

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