I’m not going to lie, when we open the show with Paul Wesley’s 20-pack abs, I have a hard time concentrating on this show.  Wow, I don’t know why that boy doesn’t walk around with his shirt off the whole show, but anyway here is what happened last night….

Bonnie is possessed by her great-great-great-grandma Emily.  Turns out that necklace Bonnie has been wearing was use to save Katherine.  Damon needs it back to bring Katherine back to life.  Damon reveals that is why he came back to Mystic Falls because he truly loved Katherine.  He tells Stefan he knew what she was from the beginning and unlike Stefan was never under her vampire Mojo.  So, in order to save Katherine he has to stop Bonnie/Emily from destroying the necklace.  He follows her to the church but she impales him on a tree and blows up the necklace because if she frees Katherine she frees lots of other evil vampires and she refuses to do that.  After the necklace is destroyed Emily leaves Bonnie’s body.  Damon is pissed and attacks Bonnie.  She is out, but Stefan feeds her some of his blood to save her.  He tells Elena she won’t become a vampire unless she dies with his blood in her system (hmmm…foreshadowing????).  Damon says he is leaving since he can’t have Katherine and Elena decides she needs Stefan, but he tells her he is leaving so he can’t be with her.

Meanwhile, theres a new guy in town—Alaric.  He is a new teacher and wears and awesome ring that kind of looks like the one Stefan and Damon wears.  Of course Elena’s aunt decides to flirt with him and he walks her home.  He is standing outside and she tells him she is not going to invite him in because Jeremy is home.  So we are left to wonder if he is a vampire or just really polite 🙂   Then in our twist of the night, dead news reporter Logan shows up on the door step of Elena’s house looking very pale…..dun, dun, dun!!! 

Great episode tonight, here’s hoping Paul Wesley loses all of his shirts!!


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