A solid, funny episode of The Office last night.  Dunder Mifflin is in financial trouble according to the Wall Street Journal and looking at bankruptcy.  Everyone wants answers and coorporate isn’t responding.  Michael decides a murder mystery game is the best way to ease the tension.  Jim isn’t so sure and wants to just keep working, but we all know Michael gets his way.  The game is based in the south so we get to hear some excellently bad southern accents.  Some great comic bits during the murder mystery including Andy asking Erin out (using his southern accent) and then neither being sure if it was a real date or just part of the game and both being to embarrassed to admit they wanted it to be a real date. 

The worst accent of the night goes to Oscar, he gets an e-mail to stop payments to vendors and when he tries to tell the group Michael makes him say it in a southern accent.  Oscar puts forth a great, hillarious effort but it just doesn’t work.

The funniest bit of the whole game was when Creed showed up late for work he walked in on the game, Michael turned to him and said there had been a murder and he was a suspect.  Creed said “Okay, let me get settled in and i’ll be back” then ran back to his car and peeled out of the parking lot.

Jim gets a call from corporate letting him know that they haven’t made a decision but anticipate being broke by the end of the year.  Jim comes out and everyone is waiting to hear the news, he tells them nothing new has come down, but that something terrible has happened…..there has been another murder!  A great turn by Jim to realize that what the staff needs now is some fun.

The closing scene had me laughing out loud (the first time in a few weeks).  We see Dwight, Michael, and Andy at a stand off with their “finger guns” (or “finger crossbow” if your Dwight).  The camera pans to each guy and then turns to a fourth person in the standoff….PAM!!  Great stuff, Jim tells her he is going home, she tells him to get the keys and start the car and then slowly backs out of the room.

Finally a great episode of The Office, I hope this is the start of something good.


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