A great episode of Bones last night.  One of my favorite characters Gordon Gordon came back tonight.  He left the psychology business to become a chef.  Booth seeks him out when it is time for him to get recertified in shooting for the FBI.  Booth isn’t the marksman he was before the brain tumor and assumes its a problem with his brain.  He goes to Sweets for help first but realizes that Sweets reports to the FBI and that means they will know that Booth is struggling with shooting.  So he can’t talk to Sweets and goes to Gordon Gordon.  Gordon decides to help Booth and consults with Sweets and Bones.  Sweets lets Gordon know that Booth has actually been leading with opposite foot, holding his coffee cup with the other hand, esentially reversing everything.  Gordon thinks the changes are interesting but doesn’t think the shooting has to do with Booth’s brain.  Gordon thinks that Booth can’t shoot because he is in love with Bones and hasn’t worked out those feelings.  Sweets concluded in his book last year that Booth and Bones were in love and he is beginning to think that Gordon is right.  He also says that Bones can’t admit she loves Booth because she tries to control strong emotion and that Booth can’t approach her because he knows she is vulnerable and feels that would be an assault on her.

As the test approaches Booth still needs help fixing his shooting.  Gordon tells him that he can’t shoot because he is in love with Bones.  Booth tells him they are incompatible.  Gordon tells him that his heart wants what it wants.  Booth tells him that she doesn’t love him.  Gordon advises him that time and patients will change that.  Gordon then tells Booth that he needs to take Bones with him to the shooting test because in front of Bones, Booth cannot fail.  Booth takes her and goes back to his old shooting self.  Booth is realizing this is inevitable now we just need Bones to realize it!!

The case for the night was a body found in a sink hole.  The body was that of a little person, was green, and had gold coins laying around it which made everyone guess it was a leprauchan.  Turns out it is the body of a “midget wrestler” was called the iron leprauchan.  A very funny moment when Bones, Booth, and Gordon went to the wrestling match to find out who knew him.  Someone else was wrestling under that name and Bones booed him and called him a fake because she knew booing was a way to convey displeasure at a sporting event.  In the end we find out our victim was carrying on an affair with his sister in law and that his brother had killed him during a robbery.

A great episode and I cannot wait for more.


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