Glee was back last night and I was so excited!!!  Great episode last night.  We got to hear Dancing with Myself, Defying Gravity, and Proud Mary.  Check the videos below.

Tonight was all about seeing the softer side of people.  Glee Club is performing Defying Gravity at there next competition.  Of course Rachel is given the solo even though Kurt wants to try out.  Kurt tells his dad about it and his dad comes to the school and convinces them to let Kurt try out.  While he is at work one day someone call Kurt’s dad at work and tells him that Kurt is a fag.  It seems like Kurts dad is going to tell him not to try out but instead he tells Kurt that no one pushes them around.  Mike O’Malley keeps doing an amazing job with his role as Kurts dad.  Kurt tries out but misses the high F on purpose because he knows his dad can’t handle him being harassed.

Meanwhile, the school is refusing to pay for a bus that Artie can ride on.  When Will brings it to the Glee club they don’t want to help out Artie at first and want his dad to take him instead.  Artie is clearly hurt so Will tells them they will have a bake sale for Artie and they will start being in wheelchairs for 3 hours a day so they can understand what Artie feels like.  There is some good stuff when they start to realize how everyone ignores them when they are in wheelchairs.  Will also them lets them know they are going to do a performance from the chairs (Proud Mary).

Quinn is baking cupcakes for the bake sale when Puck finds her.  He gives her 18 dollars to help to pay for medical expenses.  She tells him its not enough and he asks her what Finn has given her (which is nothing).  They have a cute food fight and just when it looks like Puck is going to kiss her, Finn walks in and Puck leaves.  The cupcakes Quinn bakes don’t sell and they are not earning any money.  So, Puck decides to bake cupcakes.  He tells Sandy that he is parlyzed so Sandy sells him cheap pot and he bakes it into the cupcakes to give people the munchies.  They sell all their cupcakes and make tons of money.  Puck steals the money and tries to give it to Quinn. She tells him she can’t take the money but that she realizes he isn’t a loser and that he is romantic.  Finn walks up on them again and tells Quinn he has a job (Rachel got him hired by telling people he was stuck in the wheelchair) and gives her his 1st paycheck.  When Quinn leaves with Finn, Puck looks absolutely heart broken.

Sue Sylvester has an open spot on her team since Quinn got kicked off the team.  The principal tells her to diversify her team and he is going to have Will help her be fair.  She tries out several people and finally hires a mentally handicapped girl.  Will is horrified and keeps trying to figure out her motives.  He really gets confused when Sue suddenly donates money to the school to buy two new ramps.  We learn that Sue is motivated by pure factors when we meet her sister who is also mentally handicapped.  Sue visits her and in one of her sweetest moments we see her holding her sisters hand and reading her a story.

The big reveal of the night was when we find out that Tina doe not have a stutter!!  Artie has a crush on Tina because he feels like her stutter and his wheelchair bond them together.  After they spend time together Tina kisses Artie and then she tells him that she faked the stutter so people would leave her alone.  Artie gets mad and leaves her.

A great episode with great songs, check the vids below and don’t forget to watch next week!!


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