I was in love with the pilot episode of V and was definately not in love with the second episode.  This episode was slow and a rehashing of the pilot.  I know that the second episode is usually a rehash of the pilot but this was just a very boring episode for me. 

We saw the FBI agent and Father Jack continuing to discuss the resistance.  Yes, discuss the resistance, they didn’t actually form a resistance just talked some more about it.  Also, the FBI became concerned with where the FBI agent’s partner went. 

FBI agents son is making out with V’s and not understanding the possible consequences of that.

V’s got the US to allow them to travel within there borders, in fact they got most of the world to agree to that so the take over begins. 

Scott Wolf used the V’s to boost his ratings by having a Pro/Con V discussion.  V’s were not happy but then realized they can still use Scott.  I’m sensing Scott will become the resistance inside man with the V’s.

Not a great episode, particularly disappointing because I loved the pilot so much.  New writers are taking over soon as the guy who wrote the pilot and this episode got the boot, so hopefully things will improve.  I will review the next two episodes as they are the last before it goes off the air until March 2010.  If they don’t improve, don’t expect a blog on this in the new year.


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