soaperl-thumb-570x253-12375There is so much to say about this super sized episode of Sons of Anarchy.  First off, let me just say that Katy Sagal and Charlie Hunnam brought out there absolute best performances tonight.  And for the first time ever I got a little misty eyed watching a TV show.  So, having that big build up let me recap what happened.

Jax is still going Nomad, they have accepted his request and now it is just up to Redwood to vote to release him.  A unanimous vote is needed for this to happen.  Clay tells the guys he didn’t burn down Caracara and Opie advises him to tell Jax that, but Clay refuses.  Opie is definately coming down from his murderous, who cares attitude and realizing that he pushed away his best friend when he pushed away Jax.

Meanwhile, Jimmy O is in town and Chibbs is out of the hospital.  We learned Chibbs’ backstory tonight from Agent Stahl.  While meeting with Chibbs to get him to turn on Jimmy O she reveals to us that Jimmy O got Chibbs kicked out of the IRA, stole his wife and daughter, and put those cut marks on Chibbs face.  Chibbs refuses to turn on Jimmy O until Jimmy threatens to violate his daughter if Chibbs doesn’t get SAMCRO to keep buying guns from the Irish.  After his daughter is threatened Chibbs goes to Agent Stahl and gives up the Irish to save his wife and daughter.  I just have to say that Chibbs is a character who has been good for a laugh and pretty much stayed in the background most episodes, but tonight he came front and center and did a beautiful job.

Clay finds a source of bullets and mushrooms on a indian reservation.  (some great light moments from Half-Sak and Tig when they were tripping)  He rebuilds his relationship with the niners by getting them to buy the bullets and the mushrooms and promises them first shipment of new guns.

Opie is letting down his guard and finally sleeps with Lyla, granted on the floor because he refuses to use the bed he shared with Donna.  He is opening up and realizing his kids need there dad and seems to be falling back into his role of family man less involved with the club.

Jax tells Tara he is going Nomad (actually Agent Stahl drops the bombshell during a suprise visit to his home).  Tara is not happy and goes to Gemma.  Gemma is even more unhappy because Jax will have no protection as a Nomad.  Gemma sits Jax down to talk to him about it.  It was a beautiful and heartwarming moment for these two.  It was also a real testament to Charlie Hunnam’s acting skills that he could look like a 12 year old boy being lectured by his mom during this meeting.  He conveyed how torn he was with this decision and knew it would hurt everyone but could not think of a way out.  Gemma lets him know she knows about his dad’s book and advises him to read a certain page.  When he reads it, he realizes his dad thought about going Nomad but knew he couldn’t save the club by doing that.  Gemma also implies to Jax that his dad committed suicide and did not die in an accident.

The vote comes (and this is the first point where I got a little misty eyed) and you can tell all the guys (except Clay) are hurt having to make this decision.  They all vote yes for Jax to go but all of them have tears in their eyes knowing what this means for there club.

Gemma knows that she has to tell Jax and Clay what happened to save them and to save the club.  She brings them to her house and tells her whole story of being raped.  This was the second point in the show where I had some tears building up.  Katy Segal played this out so beautifully with grace and strength that there was no need for anything else to happen tonight.  Jax and Clay were clearly upset, and bonded over the fact that they knew what they had to do now.  Jax picked up his patches that he had cut off when he voted to go Nomad and took them home.  He is coming back to the club and next week Zobell will have hell to pay for what he did to Gemma.

Only 3 episodes left and I will probably go through withdrawl when this season ends.  A great, great episode and I am only seeing good things for the next three.


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