This was another episode that did not keep my attention.  Sure there was plenty of action with Auggie missing and Detective Rodrigez going though his apartment, but I need some questions answered and a new storyline for a few of the characters.  Maybe when Heather’s character hits the scene next week I will feel better about the show, but right now I am over it.

In this episode as mentioned earlier we see the neighbors deal with Auggie missing and his blood being on the murder weapon used to kill Sydney.  Jonah and Ella play boyfriend/ girlfriend to sign a client and Violet is her usual crazy self.  Ella seemed strange this whole episode.  I wonder if she is really Sydney’s killer!  Violet failed in her attempts to blackmail Dr. Michael so he puts her in her place.  I wonder if this will push her over the edge?  David spends some unapproved time with his brother Noah and in the process he has taken him to the hospital where Lauren takes care of him.  Michael in the end admire’s David for wanting to spend time with Noah and David makes out with Lauren.  She of course is a hooker and cannot be in a real relationship.  This scene made me feel kind of bad for David.


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