This was an interesting episode.  We started out with an ambitious teen trying to get into a party.  We see later that she is trying to fill the void that her architect parents have left by not being their, but giving her money, credit cards and the time to do whatever she wants.  What do you know the next day as she meets up with the rest of her friends all of her appendages are swollen.  This was kind of gross!  House is called in and says he is not needed because it is Rubus (I don’t think that is the correct spelling).  So,House, Wilson, Cuddy and the Baby head out to a National Conference.  House of course signs in as another doctor because he hasn’t been to a medical conference in 15 years.

Back at the hospital Cameron and Chase are having issues not only with the teenage patient, but because Cameron knows Chase is keeping something from her and she concludes that he is cheating.  Foreman gets caught somewhat in the middle with Cameron badgering him with questions she should be asking her HUSBAND!  While they are trying to get a history they find out that the young girl cannot tell the truth no matter how hard she tries.

Back at the conference Cuddy and House give a little background to their relationship at an 80’s party.  The next day Wilson pushes House to try and move forward with Cuddy, even though she is looking for a man who will be there everyday.  Poor House comes to her room to find her “male friend” the detective.  I felt bad for the new and improved house.  Why did Cuddy feel she needed to hide this?  Wilson was having his on personal drama by writing a paper about killing a patient euthanasia.  House pleades with him not to read the paper at the conference but Wilson stands firm.  This left House no choice but to drug Wilson and hide his pants.  House reads the paper at the conference and everyone commends him on his bravery.  At first Wilson was upset but in the end he thanks House for being such a good friend.  He added that Cuddy should know that.

Back to the patient, House has an enlightened moment and calls in via cell phone to diagnosis the teen.  She had been anorexic, taking iron pills and the oysters that her and others had eaten had caused all this drama!  Fav quote: Cameron give the cell phone a dramatic exit!  We see that the patients parents hasn’t changed and I think Chase comes clean to Cameron about  killing a patient.  I don’t know the scene was silent.  I can’t wait till next week.  Will House be back in charge and want his old new team back? I hope not.  I like this crew but they need to get it together!

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