So, I really love Peter’s story line right now.  It seems to be the most normal of all the story lines without any crazy drama.  Of course I love Peter, but I swear that is not biasing my opinion!  We found out tonight that Peter’s healing power drains him when he uses it.  We also got to see the lady who can see colors (her name has slipped my mind) try her doctoring skills again. There was a train crash and she had to step up and help and this inspired her to try being a doctor again.

Meanwhile, Sylar has taken over Parkman’s body but Parkman still has some control.  We learn that Sylar can’t use Parkman’s powers but that Parkman can still trick Sylar’s mind.  He uses this to make Sylar pack a gun in his luggage which gets him arrested and then controls Sylars mind to write a hidden message on a napkin.  When the waitress sees the message (I have a gun and i’m going to kill everyone) she calls the cops.  This leads to a stand off in the parking lot and Parkman forces Sylar to move like he is drawing a gun.  The cops shoot, Sylar goes down, and Parkman disappears.  This would be truly heroic if I had any thought at all that Parkman would actually stay dead.  I won’t spoil it but those of you that stick around after the credits know what I mean.

Noah, Claire, and Samuel have a face off about invisible girl (again name slips my mind).  Turns out Noah killed invisible girls dad so she is out for Claire for revenge.  Noah stops it, arrests Samuel and is about to wrap things up in a nice neat package when invisible girl interfers then Claire interfers. Samuel and invisible girl get away and Samuel promises her she will have her revenge.

Nathan/Sylar turns back into just Nathan and flies away from the carnival to Peters house.  If you read the spoilers you know how this story ends, but still it is nice to see Nathan back and working with Peter.

Not a great episode, but there is still potential there if Heroes could actually let a character die and not come back from the dead!!


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