So I wasn’t able to watch all the shows thoroughly last night but heres a quick update on what I do know.

Vampire Diaries: Damon is up to some tricks in Mystic Falls and he is using Stefan’s oldest friend Lexi as part of his plan.  Lexi is in town because it is Stefan’s birthday.  She comes for her annual visit on her way to a Bon Jovi concert (?).  Lexi doesn’t like Damon and is stronger than he is, she does an awesome job of putting him in place, but you know that won’t last long with Damon.  Damon has Caroline throw a party for Stefan so that he can get him and Lexi in one place.  They agree to come to the party.  Damon has already lay some groundwork by convincing the sheriff he is on her side.  So at the party he goes out and kills a guy and injures a girl.  Sheriff finds the girl, the girl comes in the bar and points to Lexi.  The sheriff brings her outside and then Damon comes up and stakes Lexi!!!  So his plan apparently is to become a vampire killer….at least of vampires that he doesn’t like.  A good episode, next week I will hopefully get to watch more.

The Office: It was double date lunch today.  Jim and Pam and Michael and Pam’s mom.  Pam doesn’t want to go but it is her mom’s birthday.  They go, Michael finds out that Pam’s mom is 58, and then promptly breaks up with her because she is too old.  So not only was Pam pissed that he was dating her, but now she is pissed because he dumped her on her birthday.  Pam tells him the only way to make it up to her is to let her hit him.  Michael agrees.  A really funny moment when Toby is training Pam on how to throw a strong punch.  They go outside and Michael manages to calm her down and she agrees not to hit him, then he says her mom came on to him, Pam turns and slaps him.  Not as satisfying as I thought it would be.  Another ok episode of the Office, still not laugh out loud funny.

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