In this episode the Pritchett clan supports Manny as he excels in fencing.  Jay thinks Manny is the best thing and is very proud to have a child who is good at something.  This brings Mitchell and Claire to evaluate themselves and their family.  Claire and Phil go over how good their children are:  Alex is good at all kinds of stuff.  Haley is good-looking so she can marry someone who is good at something and Luke is where they dropped the ball!

We got some background on Mitchell and Claire being a figure skating duo called Fire and Nice.  Mitchell was fire because of his red hair and Claire was nice even though she wasn’t.  When they were younger Claire quit before a major competition so we spend a lot of the episode of them going over why this happened and apologies. 

On the other side with Phil and Luke we see the father and son try different sports to find Luke’s niche.  Manny decides to retire from fencing at the top of his game, but in the end wins the competition.  Towards the end of the episode Mitchell &Claire do there figure skating routine in the parking lot.  The episode ends with Jay telling us that “guilt fades but hardware is forever.”  And he places Manny’s large trophy on the mantel. 

This episode had some laugh out moments but was not as good as previous episodes for me.  What did you guys think?

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